Current Geological Events

Current events have spurred me to write a different kind of newsletter. Well it isn’t so much a newsletter but hopefully it will give you food for thought.

In 1883, Krakatau, was a volcano in Indonesia which in erupted and was dubbed “The Great Explosion”. The magnitude is easy to describe, the biggest explosion in recorded history with the sound traveling as far as 3000 miles away. The ash was flung into the upper atmosphere and ash can being found in New York. Today Krakatau doesn’t exist but it son does, Anak Krakatau meaning Son of Krakatau, has rebuilt itself to level of its dad. Growing at 15 ft/yr, it is still alive and active.

What I am getting at is this:

In light of events in the Earth’s activity with eruptions current events which have happened in 2005 or very close too.

·          Sri Lanka & Sumatra

o         December 26, 2004, 9.0 magnitude

o         March 29, 2005, 8.2 magnitude

o         Krakatau resides of the coast line

·          Mount St. Helens

o         September 13, 2004-Present

o         Currently growing and showing steady seismic activity

·          Comoros Islands

o         April 17, 2005

o         Thousands flee from molten rock, boulders and poisonous gas

o         Located in the Indian Ocean

·          Japan

o         March 20, 2005

o         April 20, 2005

·          San Francisco’s

o         1989 San Andreas earthquake with an 7.1 magnitude

These incidents are happening around the ring of fire, its the Pacific Plate and it’s the tectonic plate which connects Asia to North America, in my opinion this gives us something to worry about. All these events which happen so close together, time relative not distance, gives light to some greater events that have yet to occur.

I don’t want to speculate what is going to happen but it does have an impact into our daily lives. Personal safety in catastrophic events is of the highest importance. What we can do as individual is protect our family the best we can or have are business together so the family knows what to do during these events. Here are some public can have safety techniques that we can all do to be the most prepared.

Get the necessities together like food, packaged/canned goods, water, bottled preferred, warmth, flint strike/water proof matches/water proof lighter, shelter, plan to meet/ blankets, so you can survive.

Being prepared is the best you and your family can do. Life is precious and we can survive anything if we think about before hand.

From everyone at Barnett Associates we hope this has enlightened everyone and given you something to talk about with family and friends. Make your fortunes happen and we wish the best.


Final Comment: It makes me wonder “what else can and will happen”.



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