The day after

Let me just say that it was a perfect Indpedence Day for me!! I am saying home from work today because my skin hurts. I have to remember I dont get outside like I used to and have to wear sun block. My first trip to Ocean Shores was relaxing at times, maybe to so, but exciting none the less.
Brian and I left at 2pm from Kirkland in the Stang. The weather was perfect, blue skie, no wind and most importantly when driving a fast car No, let me repeat that, No Traffic!! With the stereo up and cruise mode in affect we headed to the coast. On our way we seen 3 ferraris, 1 viper and 2 vettes all going the opposite direction 😦 Sometimes that is just how it goes but I did make incredible use of my digital camera.
We have video and still shots of our travels though some stuff had to be left out just in case I am important one day 😛
So we arrived at Julie & John’s cabin, Brian’s Mom and bf, and started to party! We had pork ribs, clam cowder, bread and beer!
After some food, I will a few beverages, Brian and I took the Stang out to see the sights and to find someone to play with. We still didnt find anyone but who cares…the corners in that place were unbelievable. It was a country road lined with trees an steep roling corners. That car handle so good for a 93 GT. Granted there has been tones of work done to it but it has character. So we drove a bit and then headed back to the cabin.
The beer went well on into the morning but check this out…
The Deep Impact commet probe impact at 10:52 pst July 3rd and WE SAW IT!! It is the coolest thing I have ever witness looking up at the stars since I was little, a total high-light. We were chatting in the front yard when a bright flash grabbed my attention and we waited and seen a few more bight flashes. I was in doggy heaven, like a 10yr old that just got his first BMX. They listened to me drone on and on about stuff "out there" which was a treat since i dont get to share it that much. People tend to want to listen and ask questions when you are camping and the stars are your galactic companions.
After all the "beverages" we awoke and commenced to relax in another beautiful day. Frying up pancakes and eating out side over some coffee was the way to rejoy the land of the living.
All of ust went to the Talohom, sp, tribe to make some purchases. John bought a healthy $200 bucks worth of mortars and let us lite them. How cool is that! We had a financial backer to blow shit up! The local food was tasty but that tribe is highly impoverished. My heart went out to them. My experience with the Yakima Nation Museum has forever changed me. Well onwards throught the day.
The beach was Semi-Controlled chaos. I have never seen so many fireworks in my life, PERIOD! The footage i have is tremedous anand anybody would like copy of it let me know. The fire didnt stop at all for as far as the eye could see in both directions. It was incredible to put it lightly. It went on for hours and hours but the smoke was almost unbearable. My digital camera’s battery went dead after 153 mbs, I still had a 103 mbs left. I was a picture taking fool and video fool.
Now comes the journey home. We left there at 11:30pm last night and got to my place at 2:30am. I passed out when we got in the car. The hum of the pipes and motor just took me out. I felt bad for Brian doing that 3 hr drive with me passed out but I just couldnt hang on.
So now I am sharing the deltails of the adventure with torched shoulders a crispy face and a cup of coffee trying to enoy this day off. I do feel guilty but last month I tore it up crazy like.
Our goal was 200 royalty correction, I did 322 by myself. That is on top of doing my other duties and a project I did for Ehtos Water’s inventory which I have to say that I did it all manually and was only off by $400 dollars. Sr. Manager was very happy!
I had a past client call me also so TW Resource Group LLC is moving forward. Ok no I have to do some photo work because Chris, biz part, and I might go see War of the Worlds tonight!!!
Until our next conversation this is Toby signing off..

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