Relax, It’s Only Money $$

I woke up this morning and started to write a letter to a client. They were recently taken over by investor along with a few of firms to go IPO. We have been working with this client since Dec 04 and the contract is almost fulfilled but the buy as thrown a monkey wrench into our deal. Gosh, sometimes its hard to know what to do especially when you haven’t gone through it before. Alot of work to do though.
My real estate client is marketing is progressing and they are working a deal that could take the company to the next level. I have to go get the addresses for the property today and take some photos.
I love the internet…it has made life pretty cool. I am sitting on Sunday morning having coffee and watching Mountain Dews vert competition with riders like Dave Mira and Dennis McCoy. Jamie Bestwick just got hurt doing an exhibition run attempting a 900.
I miss competing, that thrill of pushing yourself to the limit. I ride hard when I ski but it still doesnt feel like competition. Who knows how long i can continue to jump. Learning the half pipe will be fun and pretty smooth. Stevens’ half pipe could be a little softer towards the top. It gets so icey and its like a 1 1/2 ft of sheer piece of ice which you leave and enter the pipe. It tests confidence to the max.
I am feeling Wintery, note the change in backgrounds! Well until the next we gather this is Toby signing off…

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