Another night in Kirkland!!

Well there is alot of new information about the attacks on London but I am not going to re hash them because it brings me down.
Business is going great!! One of my client, Barnett Associates Real Estate, rankings are climing and our quality of traffic is get higher. We have agents that recieving quality inquires which are buying and renting. We still dont have the Northwest MLS on our site but it is in-process. The paper work is filled out and we are waiting on the approval process. Check out the site by clicking here.
That addition to our site should allow to move right to the top of Google within a year or so. I wish it was like imediately but that is unrealistic. Internet Marketing is a creature of its own. Sharing information with people in your industry is the key to being a quality site and provide that intangible value to your consumer.
TW Resource Group is moving in positive direction. We arent growing yet but Chris and I are getting our business processes outlined. One of our projects is going through some technical difficulties but that is business. The provisions in our contract we not clearly defined and provided to much latteral movement for both parties. Live and Learn.
I am having trouble writing tonight, I am doing this to teach myself how to write better. By "just doing it" we are going through the pit falls we need to experence. Well this is all for tonight, Until the next time this is Toby signing off…

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