Online Marketing and Strategic Business Deals

Good Morning, Internet Explorer just crashed so I lost my previous entry 😦 Lets see if I can redo it with some similiarities.
Saturday morning is now here and with my apartment clean it leaves me time to do what I want, like blog and wait for my copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I pre-ordered it back in February from Barnes & Noble and let me tell you so far they have NOT messed an order up yet. I have order The Complete Sherlock Holmes collectio, The Iliad, The Odyessey and Grim’s Fairy Tales and a few movies and they all arrive on-time b UPS.
In other news, Barnett Associates Real Estate LLC owned by Mickie Barnett, my mom, and managed by yours truly is doing well across the board. Lets start with our marketing strategy. Our Google ranking has increased a point which gives a ranking of 1. That’s alot better than the previous ranking of zero with over 200 in-bound links. The web re-design has aided in that but most importantly is it sharing or in better terms "linking swapping" with other real estate site across the United States. Coming soon to Barnett Associates online is the ability for our online consumers to search the Northwest MLS for homes and condo’s. That addition alone should boost us up in ranking and positioning on the search engines. Now if I could get my friends to use it I would be pleased but your friends are the hardest to influence because they know you to well, a tanget but oh well.
But the big story is mom has secured a meeting with the gal that owns the piece of undeveloped property in downtown Kirkland, right on the boulevard. I have a moive pre-made ready for our website if she gets the listing agreement. This deal could take our company to the next level. It is one of those piviotal moments that catupult your momentum and will give us the expereince to diversify our business strategy.
Barnett Associates Real Estate LLC has aligned itself with agents that do residential, property management and neighborhood development is order to seperate us from Windermere, JL Scott and Remax brokerage firms. Now if we get this deal we can get into the commercial aspect, which mom would do individually in the greater Seattle Area then the Marysville branch of Barnett Associates could still focus on our residential segement.
Diversifing our company around Real Estate will enable us to succeed in the changing real estate market. The changes are not soley interest rates and market conditions but mostly in recent years it’s the shopping or buying patterns of people. Enabling people to search real estate online through quality sites makes a more informed buyer and gives them the privacy when doing so and when the do make contact the quality of that contact is been increased dramatically. That’s the reason for a massive push to get this site working the most effeciently as we can. So far we are coming from behind. There are a few other sites which rank pretty high but the are not focusing on the Shohomish County area and that is our expertise.
Your web site is the greatest intangable value you can give your consumers. In the technology age you have to be successful in the market space to be successful in the market place. In conclusion, it takes time and effort to build a healthy, well rounded business who has a culture of change.

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