Not Bad!!

Well i just read some staggering statistics on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The link is in my Favorite Links list or just click here to read. I started reading is yesturday and going to do some more later but it just blows me away to read statistics about a book. From publisher, e-tailors, book stores and printing companies made so much profit on that "one" book. It’s abosultly amazing for, once to be a childrens book, is doing this kind of volume. And this is not me talking up the book the numbers do not lie. Its crazy, be apart of the biggest thing is reading for more than a 1000 years. Well gotta hit the gym, later!!

2 thoughts on “Not Bad!!

  1. I just finished reading the book last night. I couldn\’t put it down. I can\’t believe tne ending!! Rowling better hurry up and write the last book and not leave us hanging for too long. So are you from Kirkland? What exactly do you do as a marketing consultant? Amy

  2. I am half way through my copy and I totally agree with you in that Rowling does need to publish book 7. Her website says she is taking a break before starting 7 so it will probaly be another 2 yrs 😦 My company TW Resource Group works with small businesses to improve their marketing exposure. We accomplish this by providing web marketing strategies, printing advertisements and presentations.Yep i live in Kirkland, what about yourself? You are a RN i saw? Do you like helping people?

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