Still in Disbelief

This morning I woke up to news that a man was shot and killed by Scottland Yard while running through a tube station in London. After refusing to stop when police asked the caught and shot him 5 times in front of everyone.
BBC has published the photos of the four individuals that attempted the attached yesturday. The similiarities to the 7/7 attack are striking. Fortunelty only the detinators went off and didnt set the bombs off. The "B Team" as they have been called failed in there attempt which I am so thankful for.
Why would you want to kill the innocent to try and push a political agenda? The self defeating purpose is back asswards to any cause. I would like to think that most people agree but there are radical & extremists groups who think that that this work is the new global era.
No matter how they try or what there motives are they can’t seperate themselves from the world. We are interlinked and we have to accept and tolerate other beliefs. I’m not saying we have to like them but tolerate them. The way the western cultures have seperated church and state has lead to us having a peace within our country for 200 yrs. That is a fact that you can’t discount.
But not to end on such a heavy note…BARE has the Northwest MLS on its site now. People can view all the homes on the market in Washington. Also, we had a flash banner made and it only seems to work on our site. When i cut and paste the code in places the code shows up not the banner. Oh well, i will work it out.
There are neat features that i am going to implement or "try" to implement tonight.
If anyone who comes across this page would like to chat just put my address into msn messenger and say "hi".

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