A full day of racing!!

The day way perfect when we left Kirkland at 11:30am and jumped onto I-405 and set our first coordinates south. Pictures commenced and we soon found ourselves coming up on a 96-99 camero with exhaust and rims, that is what I could deduce from pulling up on his six. Lance quickly seized the opportunity to give him some pipes then he hammered it. The dude so didn’t want to play with us and that was that. Bummer, it would have been good.


We existed onto Hwy 167 with the tunes bumpin, windows down and smiles on our journey only seemed to be getting better. We got to the races and immediately people came over to chat with Lance and his 93 GT. Nice people, it’s so much fun to meet people who enjoy the same thing for the same reason! One of the worker, older gentlemen with a UW hat on J offered to take our pic which was cool.


Good thing none of are Closter phobic because it was packed when we walked in. We scored some seats and commenced to watch people fly down the track at 320 mph. They are doing a quarter mile in 4.5 seconds. Imagine the g-forces that involved? WOW, blows mind to the about that. These cars 7000 hp and they shake you when going down the strip.


So we are sitting in our seats and we have such a Race Car Hottie in front of us. Her mom and her we just having fun and we started to ham it up with them. It just wasn’t her black hair, long eyelashes and charming smile but her charisma that made her different. She was probably the funniest girl I have met in along time. I could talk on that topic all day but once again we are forced to continue.


Rudy and I made are way to the beer garden for some cold beverages. On our way we had to stop by and kick it with Jesse James and the West coast Choppers Team. They were doing there start-up and I did forget the Nitro-Methane smell from that process. That is stuff is nasty and if it isn’t good to breath why do we do it anyways? Where not going to explore that tangent right now. The beer garden was a place to grab a little shade and some food while enjoying your beverage. It was right be hind the stands which are position right behind the starting line. Very cool!


Now, to change views we when to the other side of the track and checked. The south side of the track was jammin as well. Still the racing continued but we were closer to the track then our seats on the North side.


Then we started evaluating our next move. Going to my place or bachelor party with go-kart racing? Hmmmm let’s explore this a little further. Going to my would entail racing in the stang home which is pretty cool then hanging out and putting together some of our pics and footage. Next scenario please, bachelor party and go-karts “and that’s all I got to say about that”.


Showing up in Seattle around 730 we swung by Dick’s and grubbed some burgers and fries before heading off the Champs Karting. I did have to get another beverage when I and I could have been drunk by this time J After getting all signed up I waiting patiently until my heat 1 came up. Well I was turning some killer lap times and my line was choice and needlessly to say I took FIRST PLACE. Started off with it and finished with it. Heat 2 can we say REPEAT! I had this tracks number from racing all day. It was now my turn to drive. Heat 3 I took a respective Second. I could not make a mistake, it was like I had Felix Felicis, anyone who reads HP will know that, I didn’t loose it around one corner 18 laps 3 races 6 laps a piece.


My driving took on more of an art form and being kinda buzzed up it is surprising I did do so well but beside the point. Because I should have done crappy because of the boose, right?


At the end of your third race the top 5 get to race for trophies. Yours truly got Pole Position!! That means I qualified FIRST with a 1, 1 & 2. I remain calm at the line and our pace lap and didn’t share my line with the followers. I got a great jump and was putting growing distance to the pack when my damn electric battery, electric karts, started to peeter out! I got smoked, it sucks to say that but that is how it went. Guess my luck ran out 🙂 that’s racing 😦


After that we came back to my house and looked at our footage from the day. It was so much fun, expensive, but fun!!


Now it is Sunday morning and I am having some coffee and cruisin the net. I think I am going to do this all day. Play some vidz next and just enjoy my day. I might finish HBP today. I’m only doing a chapter a night and it’s hard to get in a book that way. Yes, I am going to geek out all day 🙂 Until next this is Toby signing off…

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