G’Night Monday…

Well, the day is coming to a close with just over an hour left. I am still working on Barnett Associates Real Estate’s website and Marketing Campaign with progress being made. Making a registration page, secure page and linking the crap together is a mind bending chore if you really have no clue what your doing. Ah well, I guess that is why they call it life.
I have been trying to get the nerve to ask this girl out who works in my appt building. Yes, I admit it, I am a total wuss when it coming to asking girls out. Don’t know why though, never found a good reason to be but there you have it. This week should progress nicely. A friend wants me to give his number to a girl I ride the bus with, well he did too until he changed jobs. He lives and works in Kirkland! What a life, my ass has to travel to Seattle but that is pretty awesome.
I am still awaiting some news on a partner job with a company I am contract for. Being there 6 months I should have a better idea than what i have managed to piece together. All my information is dependent on my boss recieving the message the job has been posted so I can apply online. I check the system myself but its hard to search for a job when there are more important matters to address. My desk has a revolving work load because I work in a royalty accounting departmnet (full-time job). It’s cool because you never at a loss for work 🙂
Well I layed to rest my copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I am not going to spoil until someone blogs/comments on it. For me, it could have ended slightly different. The ending blew me away and pissed me off a bit. I never though that one day I am going to be a HP fan but the way the stories have evolved has captured my imagination.
Imagination is so important I will have to dream about it. Until the next episode this is Toby signing off…

One thought on “G’Night Monday…

  1. Well I was saddened by the end of the Half Blood Prince and needed a pick me up so I started to read the first book again. My mom has been giving me the inside scoop on what the Harry Potter fans on the website have been talking about. They think RAB is Serious Black\’s brother. Also they think the last piece of Lord V\’s soul is in Harry\’s scar. How horrible would that be!!! I really REALLY hope he doesn\’t die in the end. 😦

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