Toby’s HP Conspiracy Theory!

Ok, my theory starts with a reflection in the British writing culture. The Harry Potter series sparked my reading ambition and I am glad to say I have branched out since then. The more reading I did my excitement grew and I started the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes. This is where my theory begins.
Not even half way through the Sherlock Holmes collection he died. That pissed me off, I was like what the F&*^. The book was put down with some resentment but I did venture back into it because something told me he was dead only faking it. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle transitioned Holmes back into gracefully on a solid story line. He came back!
Now in regard to Harry Potter, I am spoiling here so dont read if you wish not know the surprise, when Snape killed Dumbledor I was seriously BENT. Snape is working for the enemy, I have no doubt about that but he didn’t kill Dumbledor. That is my tye with Holmes. Dumbledor will return I believe.
It is a long shot bet but I think he needs that time to discover where the other Horcruxes are. Harry could be one and I do not wish to indulge that topic just yet, but he has to find at least 4 more. I dont think he will want Ron & Hermione to help but he really doesnt have a chioce. That is far as my theory really goes.
But who is RAB? I have no clue. I didnt think the Half Blood Prince was Snape, that f*&^. So it is too early for me to speculate, not enough info yet. More Harry Potter research is needed so i will have to re-read "again". Until then I am going back to Sherlock Holmes and maybe he can give me an idea how to disect this problem. After all his methods are based on obersvations and intuitive thought.
Until we chat again this is Toby signing off…

One thought on “Toby’s HP Conspiracy Theory!

  1. Yeah there are some rich blokes up here.. I gotta meet me one. As to the reading, I\’ve kinda declined in my devotion to the written word.. I get into it and then I can\’t put it down until I\’ve finished the book. I hate that. I loose entire days. Ah well, when I was a kid I really liked the Frank L. Baum books (Oz). His creative mind reminds me of the Harry Potter books now… which I love the movies! But I\’ve never picked up a book. Maybe some other day.Later Toby in Kirkland,Amy

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