A few Toby facts!

This is pretty cool if you ask me…
Now i looked up the famous people who born on my day and/or affiliated with the Gemini sign:
1) Adam Smith ~ He published the book titled The Wealth of Nations and developed the principal of the "Invisible Hand".
I am a business student for life so that is SO F$$$ing Awesome. No wonder I have a passion for business 🙂
2) Johnny Depp ~ My favorite actor and he is the first chioce for my drinking partner
3) The Drinking Ladies ~ All the ladies are "hot" who should be my celebrity drinking partners.
4) Mr. T ~ I watched A-Team regularly and he played a great part in Rocky III.
They are people i seem to be affiliated with, through history, and it amazes me because these are people i Looked up too and/or liked. There are others, like the funniest people alive. Maybe that is where i get my personality since I am so different from every member of my family, by a large margin.
I pride myself in being different and like to think that no one is like me.
When it comes to the business sector it pays to have that confidence…not arrogance…but confidence. Leaving an Impression on people is how we make are mark on the world. I don’t know about anyone else but I want to leave an impression/impact that has a postive impact on our global economy.
Until we chat again this is Toby signing off…

2 thoughts on “A few Toby facts!

  1. Hi!! toby,I think you love universe as I do….NiceAnd thanks for droping by my spacestay in touchtake careMayank

  2. Thanks for stopping by my space, Toby. I notice you are also a fan of SETI. I\’ve been clockin\’ away hours looking for ET for about 4 years off and on. So far, he hasn\’t shown.

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