÷This weekend ╤ is to going to be §upper Cool÷

My weekend is going to start tomorrow night when I meet up with Chris Peezzy to discuss biznas. I dont know where we are going yet but it will be in Seattle. I am looking forward to it because i respect him & value his opinions. It is cool to meet someone who enjoys the consulting gig and more so understands it like he does. So i think something good with come out of it.
On Saturday I am meeting up with another friend from UWB to go crabbing out in Puget Sound. We are going to meet with another friend and my dad’s buddy. It will be an all day event, from leaving Kirkland to arriving in Everett and setting the boats up, and it should be awesome. I better remember the sun block, dont want to torch myself.
I have to finish print some Link Swap emails for a client. I’m not real talkitive right now so I am going to bounce. So Until we chat again this is Toby signing off…

3 thoughts on “÷This weekend ╤ is to going to be §upper Cool÷

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  2. Crabbin\’ in Everett? Shoot, the best part about this area is all the places you can go boating.. wish I had a boat! just about every one of my neighbors has one.. You ever go cruising through the San Juans?Have fun!!Amy

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