A few thoughts before I hit the sack

Well I got to see the people I was rude too tonight. They accepted my apolgies which made me feel alot better. Also, I did retrieve my dad’s crab pot we left behind. I hate being rude/mean/@sshole/varius other words i could think of. It so isnt who I like/want to be. Thanks for accepting my apologies, man, you know people are your friends when they "don’t worry about it". They should have thrown me in the drink.
Anyways, my day went pretty well. It is fun working on this site, adding links and meeting new people on MSN spaces. I am going to try and put some music on here this week and maybe a guest book. Im not sure where i am going to put all that stuff but thats another challenge to over come 🙂
My apartment is all clean too. I cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, and the rest. That isnt saying much since I live in a studio, Toby’s Fort. It cool though, one day I may post some pics of it.
G’Night to All and Until we chat again this is Toby signing off…

7 thoughts on “A few thoughts before I hit the sack

  1. Hey having a studio all to yourself is better than nothing!! Don\’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone has a bad day once in a while. You\’re probably a wiz at the computer but I knew nothing so I went to Da Kid\’s website and he explains how to do everything for you site aka guestbook, music, etc. I have a link on my site to his if you\’re interested. Well I\’m going to sign off and get some sleep. I hope you had a great weekend!! :)Amy

  2. Oh okay I\’m an idiot. You already have his site on your links. Duh. Sorry about that. I try to be helpful then make a dork out of myself. 🙂 Oh well. At least if you want the advice there it is!!

  3. I understand your love for your space. I love mine too it is so much fun to change and play with it, I love adding stuff to mine but I do understand not knowing what to do with the new lists. I do have a guestbook on mine and I have a list with how to add a guestbook if you are not sure. I have had a few people use that. I have thought of coming with a color theme and keeping it the same but change is so much fun and I love playing with the colors and fonts. I did appreciat you adding me to your "FAVORITE SPACES" I am going to add you to mine because you are very interesting. I hope you have a great day and Im very glad that your friends are not mad at you.

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