I hate when I am dick to friends :(

Well yesturday was a blast.I went out Friday night to Gordon Bersch, in Pacific Place downtown Seattle, and met up with a fellow consultant and discussed alot of great issues but we mainly focused on CRM, contract and pits fall and I think we wrapped it around team relationships. Then I met up with another friend at went to downtown Kirkland and dance the night away at the Shark.
I was hurting pretty good on Sunday morning. I met up with my mom and breakfast at 7:30. After a night full of boozing 7:30 comes really early.
Then I met with my buddy Jason D. to go crabbing. We spent the whole day on the water. I used sun block but evidently there wasn’t enough on my face. It feels like leather and it is so painful. My buddy Todd went with us as well and he is pretty toasted, I just got off the phone with him.
At the end of the evening we are sitting around just enjoying each others company and I realized that I left a crab pot out there. The sun was going down and wasnt much time left and I decided I was going to go retrieve it before dark. Well no one thought it wise to go but I was fixed on going. Needless to say I started to become a dick, I hate when that happens, my was running and it wasn’t very nice at all.
I came to my senses in about 10 minutes and started to make my apologies. I hope they can forgive my rudeness. Why does the asshole inside have to show up and take out anger on friends? These are people who were looking out for my best interest and I couldn’t see it. They should have just thrown me in the water, I deserved it.
They were very cool with me and I only wish I have there diplomacy skills when I am there age, oh did I mention that people i went off on were my dad’s friends? That makes me feel even worse. He is out of town, San Diego, and image what he will say when he hears. To all of them I want to express my deepest apologies and hope that they can forgive me.
I’m sorry…
Well this morning was working on Barnett Associates Real Estate’s website and added an Amber Alert & Home Land Security Alert. They are pretty cool and also there is a real estate agent in Texas that is hi-jacking a rotating banner from another agents site, http://www.fredericksburg-texas-property-for-sale.com/. I disable the link becuase I dont want him getting a referral from my site. There is a banner upper portion of his page that labels him Guilty of Internet theft 🙂

One thought on “I hate when I am dick to friends :(

  1. Atleast you can realize you were an @ss and apologize for it. I don\’t think Ive ever burnt my face, youll have to tell me if it peels. That would be disgusting.To another work week..Amy

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