A Self-Defeating Purpose

Here are two quotes from the terrorists leader al-Zawahri:
Now, lets look at these words a little more closely. Zawahri says that Blair will be to blame for al-Qaida killing more people in London. Blair is to blame for bombings carried out by al-Qaida. hmmmmm…that doesn’t make alot of sense to me. Now you can argue that by being involved in the Middle East and aligning itself with the United States, Blair has brought about the attacks on London. Bullshit in my book. If they really wanted to attack Britain & the US go after military instilations and not the innocent. The second statement, "God willing", now whatever my beliefs are in religion they are irrelevant to the topic, that is sayiing that God is in full support of mass killing of the innocent. I will can BS on that too. There is no doubt in my mind that these extremist want to control the world under their one ideology.
That will never happen as long as people/governments support individualism and individual rights.
For the sake of argument lets say the win their war against us, us being every non muslim. They now control the world or their world. What kind of leadership can they bring to the economic infrastructure of the world? One that impoverishes the many and power is held and dictated by the few. Governments have tried that through history and looks where it has gotten them, civilization dispears under that style of rule.
They only know war and hatred, they dont know governance, politics, business and most importantly how to manage a civil society. So they can’t win because they have no distinct plan how to operate in the future. The civilized nations have worked hard to get where they are today. They didnt get there by killing civilians and destroying infrastructure.
If they continue on there same path, which they probaly will, they will see the destruction of everything they hold truy and value. Their most desperate attempts to keep the seperate from the global community will end will the down fall of the broken civilization. Islam cannot save itself.
By releasing the hard lined beleifs and accepting the global culture the will preserve what is left. There is a great book written by US immagrant, i dont remember his name…sry, that is title What is so Great about America. A fantastic read and sheds light on why they hate us and what they wont due to save them selves.
I dont know about you but I would rather have the world run by a western style than a extemist view.

8 thoughts on “A Self-Defeating Purpose

  1. Intelligent conversations are a rarity it seems. You mean you don\’t like hearing, "like you think my hair is like totally awesome like all the time like!(twirlling hair around finger and chewing gum with mouth open)" Promise it will happen eventually? I\’m going to hold you to that you know!

  2. hey thanks so much for wanting to do it! just send them to ever_kara965@yahoo.com or you can post them here and i will come by and get them, just in your photo album. which ever you prefer. let me know and have and awsome day-kara

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I personally wouldn\’t want a woman who didn\’t speak her own mind or could take care of herself but it seems some people think that is very appealing and makes them feel more like a man. I dunno how that works though. 🙂 I\’m getting tired of being the single one. We need to have a club or something for single people to go to. None of this taking out an add or anything. I know I can handle pretty much anything, you just get tired sometimes ya know? I am going to hold you to that promise, you better believe it!! 🙂 I hope you had a great day at work. My work day has just started – well as of 2 1/2 hours ago. 11:30pm doesn\’t come very fast sometimes. The night is going alright though. Probably should get off of the computer. Chat with you later.Amy

  4. Hi! budethanks for your comment about my space and i would like to see the pictures which you got from chichennitza. you have a very good place here and interesting writtings.see you later

  5. Toby,I think that I\’m going to try to spend the next two days with my sister. She\’s working for my parents so I think my mom will give her the day off today and let her get last minute stuff done, so I\’ll probably hang out with her. I\’m trying to talk her into going out for a drink tonight with some friends to say goodbye. She can be a little "straight laced" at times. She needs to let loose once in a while though and I think this would be a great opportunity. Don\’t know what I\’ll do Sunday. I\’ll need some distraction so I better think of something! I thought Seafair was later for some reason. That should be lots of fun!! 🙂 My night went okay. I had 6 patients for a while which is a lot of work but one ended up going home so that was much more managable. I\’ve just been keeping to myself pretty much. There are a few people that are cool that I chat with though. HOw did your day go yesterday? You work today? I think I\’m gonna head out to go to the gym, I\’ll be back later. Have a great morning!! :)Amy

  6. I agree with your bullsh*t meter… way off the charts with these examples… I cant imagine any god either that would sanction mass killings of innocent people… ridiculous… if there is one… that is not a god I would like to serve… cause next time the innocent may be you… Also, with a god like that, what sort of incentive do we then have to be good people that treat each other with respect and follow his/her teachings… if it is so simple to die for no reason or cause… at least not one that you are involved in or can understand

  7. It is very refreshing to hear some rational thought on what is going on in the World! Instead of mindless rants.I agree with you all, I do not believe that God is in favor of slaughtering the innocent. It pains me to watch reports and footage of the carnage. I wish this would end, but that\’s all it is, is a wish.besos~minx(sorry, I should have put a warning on by blog! Hope I didn\’t frighten you too bad.)

  8. Cool car! Sounds like fun! 🙂 What is your new job like? I haven\’t worked many places so I haven\’t had that experience but I\’m sure it wasn\’t fun. I\’m going to try to get my sister to chill a bit but we\’ll see. She\’ll make some excuse about having a lot to do tomorrow and not wanting to be in bed all day. That\’s fine, I seem to get up early after a night of drinking. I dunno. As long as she has a good time that\’s all that matters. I DO like going to the gym. Sometimes i get lazy and talk myself out of going in favor of laying out in the sun, or playing with my flowers but at least I\’ll go for a walk or something. Being around sick people makes you want to be healthy let me tell you. I do work swing shifts. I like it because I\’m not a super morning person. I\’d have to be AT work at 6:30am if I worked days. That\’s a bit early for me. I have trouble sleeping sometimes so it\’s better if I don\’t have to be up that early. Makes it hard to hang out with friends and stuff though who have normal hours. It\’s a trade-off I guess. I\’ll end up working 12 hour nights when I go to the CICU. That will be interesting. Well I gotta go. I\’ll chat with you later!! :)Amy

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