Page Rank & Inbound links

When it comes to increasing a webpage’s popularity, in the eyes of search engines, in bound links are the highest of all proirities. As I have been buzzing around MSN Space I have seen pages from a PR of 0, like mine, to others who have 3-5 ranking. Why is this. Either they are very popular and have a good things to say or is there some underlining factor which gives them such a high rank.
If we go on the principal that popularity is key and getting people to link to your space will ultimatelty give your page a high rank. So how do we do that? Blogging on other blogger’s site will get your link out there but that back link can be deleted by the host resulting in no inbound link from that site. Another good way is to get users to put your link on their site in exchange for the same on your site. Do you have to have an interesting site to be popular or just good at getting links to your site? It is a combination of both. Keeping your users coming back is very important while getting out there is the interactive space while engaging other users will help you increase your popularity.
Now this is sort of like a high school popularity contest but with business applications. On to the second part of link popluarity.
Is there something else a user can do to increase site popularity? I am learning to code but its very basic. I have noticed the sites with the high PR have been computer people. I can navigate around the web and do some html but nothing impressive, very basic, is there an html for dummies?
These are some of the questions I was thinking about when i set my site up. I want to increase the PR on my site as an experiment for my Internet Marketing Strategies I am implementing and developing. If you have a suggestion or would like to swap space links let me know and I would be more than happy too.
Just some food for thought…Until we chat again this is Toby signing off…

4 thoughts on “Page Rank & Inbound links

  1. There is a connection here to people that comment in popular blogs to get a track back to their own blog. Which is worse than popularity contests. The other thing you want to do is maximize your visibility. One way to do this is to make sure that all the services are picking up your information. Go to and setup an account, when ever you ping it, it will send pings to all the relevant engines of your new content.

  2. hi toby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,very interesting info about everyone\’s space,,,,,,,,,,,,,,guess mine is a "my space "for myself and friends who want to know and see what i am up to ,,,,,,,,i love adventure and seem to be looking for the next one all the time,,,,,everyone has a way of life,,some seem crazy to others,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but" keep your butt close to the ground and mud on you face",,,,and all will work out,,,,enjoyed all your site,,,,full of good and interesting info,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,have a good day,,and continue with your way,,,,later,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,captbill [old retired night fighter]

  3. Toby,My friday turned out very well. Spent most of the day with my sister, went to a bbq for dinner, then had some drinks at my place with my sis and a bunch of friends. I was so tired for some reason last night whew! I woke up way too early this am and played on the puter for a bit then made myself sleep some more. I\’m headed up to my parent\’s house to hang out with everyone for the day. I gotte enjoy her last day here. 😦 We\’ll probably go swimming and all that fun stuff because it\’s a beautiful day here!! I hope you have an awesome day as well. How did your night go? Chat with you later.Amy

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