Talking about Titles Suck!

 X Games Motocross Freestyle is on at 9 PST and I hope Pastrana (199) wins it all. He is a joy to watch ride! It’s on channel 4 so if you have time check it out!!


Titles Suck!

A thought just popped into my head right after publishing the previous post and watch a few commercials. Everything is Xtreme nowadays and Xtreme sports brought it to the for front because type of viewers, customers or whatever you label them loves xtreme stuff. No matter what product/service your selling to this audience it better be badass because nothing else matters…

The market is very big and it is very fun market to work in because mostly everyone is crazy 🙂 And I can’t wait for Supercross the movie!! 


Talking about ~ Me with a cup of Starbucks Gold Coast ~

 X-Games 7…Go Big…Or…Go…Home!! Goingbigger here! Yea buddy!!


~ Me with a cup of Starbucks Gold Coast ~

G’Morning on another beautiful Saturday in the Great Northwest. I met up with my buddy Brian to cruise his stang around but an half hour into our journey is new clutch cable kinked and jammed then broke on us. Lucky for us we heading to see another friend, Rudy, at his work, West Lake Firestone, Seattle. Right when we pulled into the shop the cable snapped. Someone was looking out for us. We thought we were sc@#*&d but we found a cable at a buddies race shop in Marysville. Rudy was nice enough to run us up there and back. Take about a stroke of good luck! Brian installed the new cable in no time but our evening was cut short. It happens, Brian felt bad, but that is why they made the T-shirt, Shit Happens. I am just glad he called and asked me to hang with him. I am pretty priveldge to have a friend like him. So here to you Brian, tipping up my coffee :P. I can’t forget my pal Rudy, tipping it again 😛
I accepted a new job the other day but it has me a bit nervous. It’s Go Time! I have been working hard to prove to the business owner that I would like to be apart of her business and guiding it into the future. My business strategy and business management skills are going to be put the test. I sure hope I know what I am doing. Believing you can do it and actually doing are to different things. One of those requires action and that is the hardest of business dealings. 
I am leaving Starbucks, staff accountant Royalties dept. It so far is the best group of people I have ever had the please to work with. These accoutants were funny, enjoyable, pleasant, little different, open, honest and friendly. It broke my heart to them I am taking this other offer. I really wanted the job and I am proud to have served for them. Starbucks was rated one of Fortune’s top 100 companies to work for and now I know why. I studied their practices, process and how they get the poeple behind "coffee". It was an amazing feet what they have accomplished. I heard Jim Donald CEO, Howard Schultz Chariman of the Board, speak and what a treat for the student of business.
Now in my new position I am going to implement the strategies I learned in business school with the positive experience of Starbucks culture. The blend of good, solid business practices and high degree of company wide involvment will take this little company, it will be 13 w/ me, into its next phase of growth. Now here is the tricky part.
I have to manage that growth while implementing the pricinples. Hmmmmm…that is what makes me nervous. Like I said earlier, It’s Go Tiime!
I won’t start for 2 months but it set in motion and time to get my shit together and ready for my transition. Well here is to the n

3 thoughts on “Talking about Titles Suck!

  1. Hey thanks for saying my space was good if you like that you should see my piczo sight at .. But will be adding new pictures tomorrow so you might want to wait and feel free to sign guess book..Love your sight well space thingy too. I love Harry Potter I read new lets see got it at 12:01am the day they came out and finished it at 2:45am the same morning…. I love alot of things space is not that big to list them all. Well byes

  2. Hey man,Your blue angels pics weren\’t much better than mine and I was at the lake.. sucks. I hate my camera, if itd only ZOOM like I wanted it too.. I woulda had great pics. Anyhow, how you enjoyed your weekend.Later,Amy

  3. hey toby,i wish i had more time to read over your blog. when i get back i should have all the time in the world! thanks for checking up on my progress and commenting on my site. i definitely enjoy reading people\’s reactions and comments. good luck in your new job. i just put up some photos of my ride thusfar. the next few days/weeks are going to be rough–no computer, no shade, no downhill until i cross the continental divide in Butte, to ya later man~!-brett

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