♪ §ea Fair Adventure ♪

WOW, what a day. I got up at 5 in the morning to head up to Marysville to pickup my dad’s boat and truck with Rudy. When we showed up dad had breakfast going, blueberry pancakes, eggs, sausage, toast and coffee. It was so awesome! We then headed to Kenmore to unload the boat and start our trek to Kirkland to pick up another buddy, Aaron.
We got to the north side of I-90 around 11am and met some people and tied up to their boat and started the major booze fest! After hangin for a bit the jets & planes started to fly over head. It was amazing, first was a 737, 777 just making banked turns over the lake, well more like right over us! Then they showed up, The Blue Angels were rocking and rolling at some serious speeds. That portion of the airshow we on till about 1pm then we headed to the races.
There were so many people there with squirt guns and water balloons and us in a small boat 🙂  Proceeding past the police boats we hit the party scene of a thousand boats give or take a few. We met some more people in almost the exact same boat as us, the only difference was the year, and tied up and partied, watched the races and did some swimming.
Later in the day Sean Tucker showed up with his Team Oracle Challenger and did the most amazing stunts I have ever witnessed. He hovered is plane, flipped ass over nose, fell backwards out of the sky and cruised so low to the water it blew my mind. He evidently skipped physics class because planes are not supposed to fly like.
Well after the races we hung out for a bit then head back north. We were jumping waves all the way home and people were looking at us like we were crazy, I think they were right 😛  Pulling up to Aaron’s place, he lives on Lake Washington in downtown Kirkland, he got out and we put the hammer down all the way to Kenmore.
It took us over an hour to pick our boat because of the traffic at the launch. Rudy and grabbed some food and headed back to Marysville and showed up at my dad’s house around 10pm. I didn’t get home until 11:15pm and boy was I tired. I am came in passed right out and I woke up today 🙂
Needless to say I am still very worn out and am relaxing; to hell with the gym tonight. Now am listening to my favorite band, Alice N Chains, and doing some writing and mondo relaxing. Soon I will order a chef salad and going to lay on the couch.
Here to our next adventure, tipping up my Ethos water, g’night everyone.

12 thoughts on “♪ §ea Fair Adventure ♪

  1. Did you have fun at Sea Fair?! I hope so. Having a good day? I ended up getting the day off, so my day got way better!! 🙂 heehee I love it when they call me and tell me I don\’t have to come into work. Especially when it\’s so beautiful out. Well I better get going. Hope to chat with you later,Amy

  2. Well I didn\’t stay in bed all day, but let me tell you I LOVE when we don\’t have many patient\’s and they let me stay home. Woo Hoo!! This summer has been so awesome that I don\’t want to miss a minute of it! Sounds like you had a blast this weekend! 🙂 I didn\’t work out today either so don\’t feel bad. I should have, but I just didn\’t feel like it. I\’ll go tomorrow! Yes I picked up golf but I suck big time so don\’t worry, I don\’t think I could give Tiger a run for anything! We\’ll see if next time I try and play I can even hit the ball. Took me a while to get it down the first time. 😉 My sis is doing well, talked to her tonight. They\’re in Kansas. They said it\’s totally boring because everything is flat and the same. Could you imagine living in a flat place? NO WAY. I need the mountains and some variety. When do you start your new job? Are you excited? You mentioned a chef salad and that made me hungry so I think I\’m going to cook up some dinner myself. Talk to you later,Amy

  3. Alice and chains…great band!!! sounds like fun was had by all 🙂 Yeah, and who needs the gym anyway…lol. Thanks for stopping by my space. I like yours so much I think I will add it to my stalker list if you don\’t mind-???? Have a great day 🙂

  4. Alice and chains…great band!!! sounds like fun was had by all 🙂 Yeah, and who needs the gym anyway…lol. Thanks for stopping by my space. I like yours so much I think I will add it to my stalker list if you don\’t mind-???? Have a great day 🙂

  5. Toby,My sis was just spending the night in Kansas. You asked what was in Kansas – absolutely nothing! They should be well on their way to Denton now, may even be getting there in an hour or two. They were only 5 hours away last night. They took the cats in the car so I\’m sure that it will be a big load off to get them out and into the condo they\’ll be living in. I watched a little Monday night football myself. I didn\’t end up making dinner. I got lazy and went out with a friend. Had some great food and just chilled. Glad you liked the emoticons. I think they\’re so funny I just have to put them in whenever I can!! Makes things more interesting I think. I\’m hoping they won\’t make me work again today. I have my fingers crossed. My Uncle and his family are coming down to visit from Alaska today so it would be nice to go with my mom to pick them up. I haven\’t seen my little cousins in forever! I hope you\’re having a wonderful day so far. Look forward to chatting with you later. If you ever want to email me instead of blog go right ahead!!Amy

  6. Fun times! And man there were alot of boats out there. You were lucky to be in one of them. I bet you had a great view..Later,Amy

  7. Well I thought I would email ya this time. The gym felt good. It\’s so hot though. I wish they would crank up the air in that place. Seems like it gets stuffy. Anyway, Hope you\’re having a great day!! Talk to you later,Amy

  8. Greetings from T-town…Just stumbled in from Minxy\’s place and thought I\’d leave you a note.How ya lovin\’ this sunshine?! Wheeeeee!!!Check ya later.~~Sarah~~

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