“Good Eeevening”…Count Dracula

I have just revisited Brett’s blog. I recommend everyone to visit his site and drop him a line. He is a fellow Washingtonian who is riding his bike across the country. Tomorrow he heads into Idaho and the heat is really not helping much. I’m not sure I am that tough. That takes some big hairy cahunas (sp) to do that so visit his site and leave words of encouragement, flirt with him or whatever you do 🙂
Damn…I need another beer…brb…the mission was a complete success!
Taking on an adventure of that calibur is something to share with the world and even if it isnt mine I have to blog about it. The Northwest is experiencing some heat and if you have never been here then your so missing out.
We have everything in Washington, great jobs, Puget Sound, great snow (if your used to it), desert climate, mountains, awesome lakes and I cannot forget the people. Come visit us out here when you have a chance because it is off the charts!
My new job is weighting heavily on my shoulders. I was asked to take over the family business. I’m the first college grad out both side of my family and I have been working dilegently to try for the position but now that it is here I am little skerred. But that is only natural and if you never expereince fear how can you succeed in business, you can put failure in that category as well. Currently, I developed our marketing strategy and if you would like to visit our real estate website Barnett Associates Real Estate you can find what we are all about and if you’re looking for a home in WA then you can search the Northwest Multiple Listing Service right from our site. It has all the home that are available in our state. Shamless solicting 🙂
Well what else can I share with the blogging world? hmmmm…did I mention I like beer? Well i do 🙂 I guess that is all for tonight so I hope you enjoyed your read.
Until then the next time this is Toby signing off…

6 thoughts on ““Good Eeevening”…Count Dracula

  1. Hey Toby, Maybe I will relocate down there!!! I am always saying how I hate New England and the weather!! The thing that sucks about the retirement thing is we would be too old to actually enjoy things!!!! I loved being in my twenties..like I said thrities are no better!! The hangovers are much worse!! 🙂 Have a great Hump day 🙂

  2. Yeah, I wish it were a software probably.. but it is definetely a hardware problem. My brother is the computer guy in our house.. going into his second year at ITT. Thank God he can do SOMETHING for me and that is.. deal with computer issues. The notebook is fried. Has to be either the CPU or motherboard.. The computer won\’t even allow me to boot, only blue screens even on "safe mode." I don\’t know how much you know about computers either, but the error code I get is 10 flashes on the Caps lock key (when I power on) and then it will shut down again. I can sometimes get it to start the winodows loading page.. but it will never finish. It freezes and blue screens. We talked with the DELL tech support over the phone the other night for about 2 hours.. they concluded the same as my brother.. CPU or motherboard.. so definetely a hardware prob. The comp told me a couple days prior that I was low on virtual memory, but I ran a scandisk and deleted some files.. I dont think that had anything to do with the "crash," meltdown, whatever word I would use to describe such a friggin catastrophe. If it was a user error.. it was because I used it too much, should have turned it off more often.. and should have used an air gun (?) to blow the dust out of the fan.. So you got that? Be careful to your laptop. It can\’t handle that much.Later,Amy

  3. Oh, and heck yeah this area is beautiful.. deserts, mountains, prairies (sp?), and rainforests. I think it\’s gorgeous.. alot of people moving here though and alot of new TRAFFIC!! Yuck. Something like 200 new homes going to be built around me.. the roads can\’t handle what we have. Ah well, And the weather turned.. looks like it\’ll rain today (and usu when it rains up here, it rains for a week.. we\’ll see though. It\’s summer).Later,Amy

  4. What the hell are you disagreeing with? I said that at the end.. people are each individual.. But only people who were never poor can think that when they earn all the money in the world, they have only their hard work to thank. I\’m going to make money when Im in my career too so I can provide well for my family too.. one person does not deserve 10 mil a year and another deserve 10 grand a year. Too much of wealth is held by people who think they earned it, in fact they inherited it..Youre not even rich Toby.. rich people were born as millionaires. Because you work with computers automatically means you make more in a salary than a farmer. Do you think you work harder? Do you think farmers should quit their jobs and become lawyers and whatnot so they could "earn" a better living? Do you think the men serving our country need to quit their jobs so that they can "earn" more money? No, wealth is not appropriately distributed. I have to work ten times harder to make the same as someone who is richer than me, someone who has a better name than me, someone who is male.. whatever. I don\’t think thats right either, so I should cry about it.. and not let people say shut up and deal with it.. SOCIOLOGY, don\’t forget your sociology. Its a capitalist society, of course we believe we actually "earn" our living because of our hard work. PAH. It\’s not that simple.Amy

  5. Hahah my fourth post, oh no. And sure there are nice people. I enjoy them emmensely.. rich or poor.. I can\’t judge them! But I do judge some people harshly..I admit that. It is something I struggle with and I am sorry for. Sorry also for sounding harsh, both in my blog and my recent comment.. You just made me really mad for a second. No hard feelings here.. *smile*.. Hopefully, no hard feelings there. Hahaha.Later,Amy

  6. Wow.. someone in the same town! Now this is a first. I\’ve found people all around the Seattle area, but this is a first!Sounds like you got a fan there. I got in on the tech bubble just after it burst. 😦 But I like my job, just wish it paid more than it does. It was probably a 85K a year job during the dot com boom years.Mmmmmm beer! I\’ll take a nice ESB please. 🙂

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