The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith, 1776

Adam Smith is the founder of modern economics and one of his main points is: by individuals engaging in self seeking motive to obtain personal wealth the country as a whole benefits because people are raising their financial/social position. I hope I explained that correctly and if not feel free to correct me.

9 thoughts on “The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith, 1776

  1. Thank you for the happy birthday. I have not done how it went but I was kind of mad about it. Anyways, not sure with this title means with no entry but I hope you have a good day.

  2. I brought up personal wealth at the time, prob as an attack.. I don\’t know. Sorry. But I think that every "title" that can define us–social class, family positions, age, sex, etc–also influences our ideologies.. that is why I decided to bring up your income. I also had a temper for a moment, and like I said made it a personal attack.. I feel stupid for it your point was more towards.. people are people and you can\’t make blanket statements. I hated you for saying something cliche like that to me.. I never make serious blanket statements because I am very aware of them.. that\’s why I threw in the bit at the end… otherwise I would have blabbed on for another hour about why I hate poor people.Have a great day Toby,Amy

  3. Oh and yeah, I\’m kinda for more socialism.. I just don\’t see why the richest get all the breaks and the middle class has to hold everyone together.. Geez, I think the middle class is screwed the most sometimes.. Like if I were truly poor, I would have college(largely) paid for by the state.. or if I were rich, I could get into Princeton (by grandfathering, another perk of the rich) and I would never feel the money pinch. But I\’m middle class so I prob won\’t get much financial aid at all this year. They will say my parents have too much money in investment and they make quite enough. Alright, I know I should have applied to some scholarships and grants (don\’t know about them, I\’ll have to research that this next year) but it\’s a little difficult when *I* alone have to search for them, and not have some people finding them for me… like a poor kid or disabled kid might get. Oh, and our welfare program is disgusting.. if the State were more socialist then that could, in theory, be improved–Canada and Norway?? Don\’t know much about it tho. And the taxes are ridiculous.. I got nothing back this year, and niether did I last year, because apparently I made too much. I was a student–and paying for it–and I worked 25-35 hours a week, made less than 10 grand and they took all the tax from the paychecks and then some. Who the hell has almost 10% of their paycheck go to the government? *I did get a tiny write off for the college, but I let my mother have that because she paid a 1,000 and thinks she gave me two grand more, but I never cashed the check. I think she thinks she paid for most of it.. that is fine with me. She deserves to spend some of her own money the way she wants to.. and I can "afford" to pay for some.Yeah, so that\’s the comment I had on socialism.. I don\’t care to much for the politics of politics.. but I like to think some things could be better. Later, again.Amy

  4. I don\’t know shit about taxes, and I\’ve never gone to … what\’s that tax helping place.. hp? hb?.. one of those places because I didn\’t think I would get any write-offs. I\’ve only ever filled out those stupid papers where all it asks you is how much you make and shit.. if youre telling me I could have gotten everything back Im going to cry. Seriously, I can\’t handle that stuff. I can\’t handle the fact that I would have to pay someone to take money away from me, because if the taxes–for me–are so little even if I get all of it back.. their fee would be half of what I got back. Paying for some things just make me really mad. WTF don\’t they have options like that on any one of the paper filing forms? I KNOW there are diff forms, but I don\’t make over a certain amount.. I don\’t have.. ah man.. let\’s leave the tax situation alone. I am getting a headache. I am a student… this is not my salaried career. I will be fine later.. hope the government does fine things with my money. HAH.Yeah, you are right about using the system so it best fits you. But there are some hoops I don\’t want to have to leap through.. by this I mean, some things should be more SIMPLE. And Im impressed you know about foreign politics. That is good. That is one class that intrigued me in college but is also the only one i failed.. though that was due to falling asleep while typing up my final paper and missing the time slot to turn it in.. This was also the day that the final exam was taken. I missed a good 50% of my grade. Ah well, I learned as much as the next, I just wasn\’t graded for it. Later,Amy

  5. Wow, that\’s very amazing. I\’m sure it was a fantastic experience. I\’m hoping Ill be able to study abroad one of these coming years.. Univ. of Norway esp. Perhaps youre right on the socialism bit, I still don\’t even know myself so I\’ve alot of opinions to mold. I mean, I\’ve only recently learned Communism isn\’t the dictatorship of the Devil.. so yah know. Would you say you "like" our government? Oh, and did you mean earlier that I was providing an intellectual conversation, or that I was merely doing the conversing part?Later,Amy

  6. Sure, I got my Associates a couple of quarters ago, or had the credits for it.. I just didn\’t apply for the certificate. I\’ve taken classes at Bellevue CC, Everett, and most of my classes & the degree is from Cascadia CC. September 28th is my first day of classes at the UW. I\’ll be living on campus. I have three years to go. I made a decision kinda late to major in a specific degree program. So this next year I\’m just taking prereqs and electives.. mostly first year courses. Yea! Hahaha. Then I\’m transfering next fall to Seattle U for a BS/E in Diagnostic Ultrasounding.. it\’s a really good program to get into medical imaging, nothing like this PIMA stuff that I did look into for radiology.That\’s my story. Amy

  7. Hey Toby,Just dropping by to say hi. Don\’t worry about cutting our conversation short at all. I didn\’t realize how late it was. I\’m used to staying up late since I get off work so early, but I felt horrible that you had to get up so early. I hope you got lots of great sleep last night!! 🙂 I had a great time chatting with you! I need to get one with my day, but I hope to talk with you again soon!! :)Amy

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