Happy Friday To All

I am doing a project at work and I needed a mind break. This project is trying to warp my brain, to many numbers and dates but I just have to keep plugging on the way. Did anyone here about Google’s CEO and how mad he is with CNET which on of their reporters who found his personal information on Google? I think it’s funny and he is being very hipocritocal. I am going to go and party tonight with a buddy but where I do not know. Anyways better get back to that project. Peace out and watch your caboose!

5 thoughts on “Happy Friday To All

  1. Hey Toby,Go out tonight and have some fun for me!! I know it\’s boring but I think I\’m going to stay in tonight. Couple of my friends have to work early in the morning. Others have plans, and some others are out of town. So it looks like I\’m chillin here tonight. I hope you had an awesome friday and I\’ll look forward to talkign to you later!!Amy

  2. Hi I see your pic and think you like speed so much. Dont be serious work it will go forward and good if you are intermined. Bye

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