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  1. Hi Toby!just want to say "hi". i\’m a seattle girl but am currently going to school in AZ…no worries though…i\’m still a huskies fan!!! it\’s great to see pics of the city and such…i miss it SO much!!! you\’ve got a great site! the how-tos are great too! keep up the great work :-)! Have a great weekend!Smiles! ~Steph~

  2. I came in through…I don\’t know where…one of my linked sites. I like you. I appreciate anyone who knows what they are talking about when it relates to current events, especially people my age. I rarely blog about politics or religion myself as I think it makes ME uncomfortable, even though I have a few thousand opinions on each and every little decision made politically. I will be coming back here, as this is some place I know I can learn from….I also noticed that Seattle won again…interesting, considering the year they had last year, but look at MY team…Colts…their Defense is all the rage (how ironic that we were considered the best offense in the league last year and managed to hold three teams to single digits in three games…but not break 14 points ourselves). Congrats on another Seahawks win!Have a great week…

  3. Hey, thanks for visiting my site. Also, I LOVE, absolutely dig Steamboat Springs, and I forgot to mention it the last time I was here…I visit as much as I can, but skiing and I don\’t get along…I\’m more of a hot tub, hot chocolate, hot fire kind of girl …I do enjoy the mountains though…they make me happy.

  4. Hey Mr Toby!! Stopping by to sign your guestbook.. don\’t think I\’ve "left my mark." Tonight we\’re watching Pirates of the Caribbean in the Quad.. wanna come? Consider yourself invited! Hahaha.Later,Amy K

  5. Hey thanks for stopping by! You\’ve got so much information here… hmmmm… looks like I need to leave a few more footprints to soak it all up.Take care and come back soon,~Brenda.

  6. I am impressed by your blog, and by your apparent business savvy. I must say I am also impressed by a man who takes care of himself! Part of being a healthy and well-rounded individual is not only being career and family oriented, but also being self-body oriented. ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward to reading more in your blog!

  7. Toby,Well, we have come a long way from all you can eat Chinese food and "Dr. Vivendi". My only question is who is the guy in all your pictures? Last time I saw you, you weighed 425 and had 3 chins. Guess that is your way of fooling the ladies in computer land! Keep fooling the world, cause we are both still back throwin down pot stickers and pasta salad!Later buddy

  8. Hi Tobby, thank for encouraging me :PWell as you know not much time so will just say that, I may catch up reading your blog later sorry bout that.For translation it take 1hour for big ppost to be translated by me so I don\’t get time now sorry.Bye @+

  9. brrrrr, your pics of snow make me cold. Should have stopped by in July!! lol Came here through a link and love your site. It\’s awesome and you\’ve done well! Stop by and say hi sometime!*smiles and hugs*Dawn ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. You\’re a handsome one. I just HAD to tell you that. Doesn\’t the internet make us SO brave? Just don\’t let these statements go to your head. We don\’t need anymore conceited handsome men. Nice blog. Good ideas and thoughts. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  11. Sexy snow picks, where is mine? I\’ve got the hook this year. "RIDE OR DIE" is the theme for the helliski bachelor party!

  12. I don\’t know how I ended up here…*lol*But I am here, and thought I\’d leave my mark.Great Space!! Have a nice week!~ Enjoy*PIX*~

  13. nOw A person who says, " Whatever happens, I am going to remain happy :it will not make any difference to me. I will find a way to be happywOtever the circumstance," is Independent. No politics can make any difference. No change in the state of theoutside world can make any difference. Poor or rich, a beggar or aking, the independent person remains the same. His or her innerclimate does not change. This is the goal of all meditation—to attain such tranquility,such stillness, that it is unconditional. Only then it is yours. Thenwhatever happens, let it happen—-you remain happy. You remaintremendously happy. Drop your will, and you will see that thethings that you were hankering for start happening on their own.Suddenly things start running smoothly. Everything fits together.

  14. sweet, i just missed out on seeing metallica when they where doing the summer sanitarium tour and it passed through Seattle, couldve gone with a friend but didnt get home in time when he left for the states, very cool space,looking forward to seeing what you poem you submit

  15. HAPPY SIGN A GUESTBOOK DAY!Thanx to SBC for starting this MeetJust sending out well wishesTo all in blog land!ยซ~*The Majestic Realm*~ยป

  16. Just stopped by to day happy guestbook signing day ;)SmoochesยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยถยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยถยถยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยถยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยถยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยถยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยถยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยถยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยถยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยดยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยดยดยดยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยถยถCrystal

  17. Thank you so much for swinging by and leaving me birthday wishes. I appreciate that you did so. And I\’m all for a birthday drink! heheYeah… Scary Jesus. Wicked stuff over there, eh? You look good all gored up. LMAOHave yourself a fantastic evening. =)

  18. Thanks for really scaring the daylights out of me with that ickie picture. Now I\’ll have nightmares. Just passing through and thought I\’d tell you how I\’ll be traumatized forever by your picture and of course to sign your guestbook. Have a fantastic day (even though thinking to yourself in the back of your mind how you traumatized an innocent girl) and of course be blessed.Hopefully you know I\’m kidding!

  19. Hi TobbyJust Passing by to say hi and get news.Please, take some time like, at least 15 min to check out the Alexandria Library Network HeadQuaters ( ), I rewrote the conditions to make it simplier and easier to everyone. Also we will start the network publicity soon so if you want to join it would be really nice, your subject is already nice and I\’m sure you got many, you just need a box well named with the ALN HQ link and links to you specialised subjects. Not complicated, make you free pub and put your more nic subject in top visibility.Consider it :)Have a nice week.Chaow @+ take careMike

  20. There are witches in my mailbox. What am I to do? I found them there this morning, doing things they shouldn\’t do!! How the witches got there, I haven\’t got a clue. But they won\’t be there much longer because I\’m sending them to YOU!!!!!! You\’ve been Witch Kissed! Before the warts begin to spread, pass the kisses on instead! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

  21. Hi Tobby!There are witches in my mailbox. What am I to do? I found them there this morning, doing things they shouldn\’t do!! How the witches got there, I haven\’t got a clue. But they won\’t be there much longer because I\’m sending them to YOU!!!!!! You\’ve been Witch Kissed! Before the warts begin to spread, pass the kisses on instead! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

  22. You said something on my space bout leaving you a text message through msn! How am I to do that if haven\’t got your addee! I don\’t think that have your addee to do this? If you can please tell me what\’s your addee then I can tell you if I did or not! To clean up my mess. Humble apologies if it was me. Keren Maclean

  23. Yes! I think that I may be the culprit lol but that surely should just go through your addee? That is soooo… confusing. I am sooo sorry Tobz just hope that you can find a place in your heart to forgive me. I hope that you are not mad at me for doing this. Once again, sorry. Yes you too have a great day!

  24. Hi Toby!Nice harry potter fan too :)I want the 7th book hรฉhรฉ.but I\’m a cinema fan too and the 4th seem to have great visual effect and the storyline is one of the best.That will be amazing for sure.bye

  25. Loving the new space look and your new byline. I think it describes you perfectly…Hope all is well! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day.

  26. Hey there Toby,Just took a small amount of time off from my blogging. Always nice to see what you\’ve changed on yours.How about those Seahawks!! 7-2! I hope we end up 13-3 or 14-2 at the end of the season. ๐Ÿ™‚ Either way we\’re play off bound. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Hi … I found you from king tom\’s space and I am liking your space… HP ROCKS, taking my kids (16 & 13) to the 10:00 a.m. showing on the 18th… had my tickets for weeks. Dude… got to come to Utah and check out the snow!! Take care … have a great day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Denise

  28. Hi! Sorry I haven\’t been around much but thought I would stop by for just a second. I would love to say that things calmed down, but I think it was just the calm before the storm. Anyway, hope everything is going great for you.~Hugs~

  29. I am shocked (appalled even) that you did not comment on my "Who\’s Your Favorite" blog, written Sunday! It was a perfect opportunity for you to plug your favorite sports player (from the Seahawks) and tell me why they were going to whoop up on some Manning ass, but to no avail. I see you are still alive and blogging so I give you no forgiveness on neglecting my fabulous site. :)I hope you can make it up to me…

  30. Hi! found you webwalking today. Always glad to find another NW snow lover. Have you made it up yet this year. I think we\’ll actually get what\’s due this year. Have a great dayNikki

  31. Barely pulled out that win…I didn\’t see it but when I saw the 4th Quarter score, I must admit I cheered (quietly) for the 49ers…but, then I thought, "Toby would kill me!"Talk about some leaders…how bout my boys up in the Indy area?? They are rockin\’ through the AFC with a three game lead…can\’t get too much more comfortable…I just hope we can hold it since the teams behind us are winning too….Can I get a WHAT WHAT?? GO BIG BLUE!It\’s going to be a shootout in Seattle in a few weeks…ooh yeah baby.

  32. Hi there,just dropping by and thought I\’dd leave a message.Nice space you got!!Come visit mine anytime and while you\’re there please leave your mark on my guestmap.Take care xxHugs and kisses from Belgium

  33. I hope you had fun at the game….I\’ve got GREAT seats for tomorrow\’s monday night game…:) I\’m very excited. GO BLUE.

  34. Hi there! See that you have come to my space pretty too much but that is the fun about it isn\’t it gettin to know each other. Well hope you are doing fine and lookin after yourself. Take care now Tobz.

  35. Hello!Just stopping by to tell you that I love your space. It\’s really informative and you have some sweet ass links.Yep yep.Take Care, and have a lovely day.Vinessa

  36. GO BIG BLUE (I mean, the ONLY blue…bleeding the Colts blue right now).Hope all is well and looking forward to our upcoming Christmas Eve showdown! Enjoy your Christmas party…:)

  37. Hi Big!Not come in a time sorry!So how it goes, as I see always so much interesting subject, where you found your inspiration :)Well have a nice chrismas!Chaow @+Mike

  38. Footprint Left ๐Ÿ˜› Great Space U Have and Happy Spaces Appreciation Day also ๐Ÿ™‚ YOu did an impressive job with Tarah\’s and ditos on hers for yours!!! Happy Holidays!!! Hugz! Kaci

  39. I\’m trying to be excited for this weekend but with the death of Coach Dungy\’s son, it is hard to think about football…I\’m hoping the Dungys are capable of surviving this tragedy and the team rallies in support. I am sorry…no shit talk today…as much fun as I planned on having, my sadness outweights any jubilence I have for such a fabulous matchup this weekend. Go Blue. Good luck to you and your team and have a Merry Christmas.

  40. Hi….Got your space off of Marcie @ Ruckus Rumblings! Loved your snowglobe by the way…….I am shamelessly asking everyone to take ONE second and go vote for David Carr #8 for the NFL\’S Sexiest Man! Im positive the all of my blog buddies is what got him to the quarter finals to begin with so just one more time ……..Please *insert little whine with large smile*Thank You,Julie~ stop by my site real quick for more info~

  41. Hey, congrats to the guy that was the first person to leave a comment on my guestbook.ย  I was pleasantly surprised to see you at the top of the Best of MSN Spaces…but not too surprised!ย  Go SEATTLE!

  42. Hey there – cool site =D ahhh I remember SETI hehe I used to run that thing religously on my old computer – hehe the good ole days.ย  Anyhow thanks for stopping in and cool about us sharing the same B-day – woo hoo for Gemini hehe…take care.

  43. Hey there Toby! Howsit going? You are doing great with creating your site high praises for you. I am loving it everyday when I come to view your site. You\’re starting to become a pro. Hey could learn off you. Just a thought but you don\’t have to! Well all the best for whatever is next you have planned this year! Take care and hear again from you later.
    Keren Maclean

  44. Hey, thanks for stopping by and for the birthday wish. You have a nice space here, and it was nice to meet you, stop by anytime, jazz

  45. Hi Toby, I stoped by \’cause ya told me to…Who is your friend, do I know him/her.
    You seem like a facinating person,
    Take care, Angela

  46. Ola!!! thanks for stoppin by my site! WOW your space is totally different… I really like it and I like your 5 day work out I am goin to try it one of these days LOL…
    Space On Spacer!
    Queen Of Heartzz

  47. Hey! Stop by my site anytime… stalk me… leave me a message…a few hugs (or a lot):>
    I like your site. Mine is always a work in progress too.

  48. Hi, Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.
    I like how you have a very original space here.
    See you again I hope,
    Take care , Nikki xo

  49. Hi big, well yeah it\’s going nice right now, not very much to do, so many lazy time… But nice to relax sometime, but it begin to make a long relax time hรฉhรฉ.
    Seams you\’re lot more active than me espeacially on your blog.
    Well continue like that, it worth it when you like doing it and other like it too of course.
    And your blog is really nice now, good work.
    Bye @+, Mike.

  50. Hey there Tobz! Thanks for visiting my site and am doing fine and thanks for the comment as that is sooo true that we need faith somewhere if we don\’t then what is the point of living as we could be just living in denial. Well that is all from me and hope that you will send me an email or another comment and be looking forward to hearing from u again soon. Hugs and Kisses.
    Keren Maclean

  51. Just passing through and thought I\’d say Hello.ย  Very cool site you have.ย  Have a wonderful weekend!

  52. Only three months till football season…I cannot wait! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Yes, I saw we played the Hawks the first preseason game.ย  I\’m disappointed the Colts schedule isn\’t more diverse, but we\’ll have to deal. ๐Ÿ™‚ I\’m looking forward to it.ย  Too bad the big guys won\’t be played more than three snaps. Blah.

  53. Hey there..
    Congrats on winning the Abalicious Spacer Contest (I\’m sure Nicci\’s been here before showing you her love, but now it\’s my turn)
    I personally would like to thank you for being the only person who seems to comment on my blogs.ย  I\’m not gonna be all "Woe is me", but it is nice to know that someone reads them.ย  (BTW..if Anderson Cooperย did have a female would be her. I\’m kidding..but it\’s a cheap way to get traffic to my space, don\’t ya think?.
    Anyhoo..thanks for the support and we\’ve got a few more projects up our collective sleeves for the space.ย  We just need to stop being such slack-asses and actually post them.

  54. Yo…two months till my favorite time of year – i know you are biting at the bit too – dont\’ worry, my blog will morph back into Colts Colts and more Colts by August – and weddings, but still!ย  It will be mroe entertaining for you to visit by then.ย  Thanks for stopping by! I\’m totally stealing your idea to post the COlts players. HA!

  55. Hey Toby. Love the space, great job.
    Just here for Tarah\’s Appreciation Week. I have a smile everytime i go to my space.Its always great to see the love others show. I like my regulars, i like the new people who dropby. I\’d like to thank you for doing a great job on your space, and alwaysbrightening up my day. Please excuse the copy and paste as i\’m going away and i didnt want to miss this event to show everyone. YOU ARE APPRECIATED.ย ย  Cubby


  56. Hey,
    ย ย  You looked at my profile! just sayin hi! So… thanks for sayin i am a smokin hot babe lol! Sorry but i am takin…. He is so sweet and romantic but you know how relation ships are between teens! WILD! lol! well nice talkin to ya write me back thanks!

  57. Hey thanks for coming by to my space and the appreciation, you also have a great space, very simple to get around in.ย  I also feel like I\’m on vacation when I\’m listening to the sounds of the ocean, well actually it reminds me of home :).ย  Thanks again, and stop by anytime, wish I would have known about you, could have added you to my 4th of July guestbook signing :(, ohwell.

  58. Just passing by from Tarahs spaces appreciation week!!
    Great space you have here, keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Holy Spacer Appreciation Week Batman!ย 
    This isn\’t my first time whatever incarnation I appeared on your stats counter.and you know, I gotta admit, there\’s something about this one that draws me back to it.ย  Not entirely sure what that is.ย  I think it\’s known as "The X Factor" know..that indefinable something that makes something appeal to the masses.ย  Just a theory.
    So..thanks for being a spacer and existing so that I can waste all kinds of valuable brain cells on the interweb.ย  I truly appreciate it.

  60. Hi Sweety *mwah*
    Thanx for dropping by my space. Sorry it\’s taken me so long to get back to u ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but i\’m catching up lmao i promise!!!
    Well i\’m off to check out your space now… hope u come visit me again really soon ((cuddles))
    Luv \’T\’ ~ xo

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