Here’s To Another Day

Last night was fun, uneventful which is a good thing. Today I am just being a bum around my place but i may get out and take a walk down town on the water. A nice bowl of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sounds so good especially since it is like 80+ here. I wonder what flavor I will choose? It should be a good day to take a few pictures as well. The sunset should be nice tonight and I wonder if I will be able to catch a little left overs from the meteor shower? I didnt get to see it which disappoints me but you cant catch all the celestrial events 🙂
Right now i am watching golf while I write this piece, i know what you must be saying, golf? Why would anyone watch golf? It is actually pretty fun to watch…not terribly exciting but relaxing and enjoyable. My laundry needs to hurry up and dry. It is making my apartment really hot. The weather doesnt help it either, I’m not complaining though. This summer the weather has been great here and I love living in Kirkland!
This town is so cool for people around my age. There is always people hanging out on the many beaches of Lake Washington, walking around town and just hanging out in one of the many drinking establishments. It is action packed day in day out through the summer, now, winter is a little different. It gets really quite and the streets are not busy and no one hangs out on the beach 🙂 I wonder why, beach in a Washington winter 🙂 Not too warm.
Thursday night I went to my brothers and sister-in-laws house for dinner. Damn my brother can cook 🙂 I havent eaten that good in awhile, I hate cooking for myself. My nephew, Aiden, is getting so big so fast! I love him to death! We were doing a little wrastlin, well as much as i could. He was taking me out through, for 9 months he is really strong. He has muscle definition. My brother and I are like: what the heck! After dinner we sat in the living room and just talked for a few hours. It was very enjoyable.
Living down in Kirkland I dont get to see Bryan, Michelle & Aiden as often as I would like but I do cherish the time we do spend together. I am totally mr picture when over there and by the time Aiden is 10 we are going to have a zillion picture of him. He will then call us dorks and we will all laugh 🙂
I so remember calling my parents dorks and not wanting my friends to see me with them. But now I love the time we spend together and sometimes wish we had more. I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and until we chat again this is Toby signing off…

9 thoughts on “Here’s To Another Day

  1. Toby,Your nephew is so cute! 🙂 I keep trying to tell my sister she\’s going to have to have kids someday but she says no I\’ll talk her into it. :)Amy

  2. I do think that as we get older, family becomes more important to us. *smile* Or else we learn to appreciate them, something like that.Great post. Nice blog. I am glad I stumpled here.

  3. Uhhhh, let\’s see I use…Walagata – which I don\’t like that much and My File Stash which is much better. Mine wasn\’t playing for a while and I tried to fix it then just left the link there. Turns out it was just taking a long time to load, so it eventually worked. Try that. If not, Da Kid has troubleshooting in his explaination, make sure everything is right. I\’m still at work. I started to feel really tired. so I went up and down the 15 flights of stairs twice to wake me up a bit. HOpefully it will burn off some of those cookies that the night shift brought in that I just HAD to have for some reason. 😉 I don\’t even really like sweets but they were there and I was starting to feel tired. Well you can imagine. Since all of my work is pretty much done I\’ve been studying for the CICU test that I will need to take sometime soon hopefully. We are so much more busy on the evening shift. I would get so bored if I worked nights all the time. I need more action than people sleeping. Bad stuff happens on nights but not as much. Okay I\’m totally babbling so I\’ll go now. Hope you get your tunes working. I know that\’s frustrating. Chat with you later!! :)Amy

  4. Thanks for stopping by my space. I was just visiting friends in Lake Stevens a month ago. I have one more move left in me, and Washington is in the running.

  5. Hello Toby, Thank you for stopping by my space, I love new visitors! That is where I got info on how to put the pics at the top of my page and changed the color of my fonts and Mods. Just another addicting thing I don\’t need with Spaces…LOLIf you need any help stop by! Have a great day!Melissa

  6. hi hi^^ TOBY~ thanks for coming in my space~if i have time (more and more~) i\’ll create my own blog with my own style layout^^ cheer me up THANK YOU!!!!somebody know about blog or HTML plz teach me><"

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