Play-by-Play Action of Toby’s Sunday

So far Sunday has been pretty fun. I woke and jumped online and worked for a bit while watching Nascar, it was a road course today. Tony Stewart Home Depotcar kicked super booty. He was owning the course, the restarts and pitting  strategy. It was some impressive driving.
Made myself some coffee and checked email, site comments, made responses then I started editing BARE’s website some more. That site is now averaging 310 per day this month with are top 3 hits days totalling around 1800 hits. In 10 months we have gone from 600 hits per month to almost 8k. If we keep pace with this months daily average our total should be about 8300. That would be awesome and quite an achievement of our small Marysville office 😛
Now am writing this entry watching the PGA the fourth and final day 🙂 Everyone is not doing to well except Steve Elkington. It seems the field is crapping out on the front 9. That could all change on the back though. Maybe its just going to take 9 holes for them. Wait as we speak, Tiger, Love and Elkington have now started to do something. They are heading the back nine 🙂
Ok, I am back to the PGAs look for updates.

Come on Phil! Get real time updates here.

Phil just hit a nice drive!

A birdie for Phil give him a share of the lead @ -4. Yahooooooooooo!

It looks like the thunderstorms are coming to the PGAs!

OMG did you see THAT!! On the 14, deep in the rough, to within 6 feet of the pin! Good job Phil!    3:30pm

NOOOOOOO!! The officials blew the horn because of weather 😦 But we dont want anyone to get electicuted. Golfers hold lighting rods, and thunderstorms are probaly the most uncool thing that can happen.    3:36pm

Go Mariner’s! Go Mariners! Top of 8th M’s 6 vs. As 6    3:49pm

Well the PGAs are going to resume tomorrow morning at 7:00am Pacific Standard Time.    4:03pm

Go Mariner’s! Go Mariners! Bottom of 8th M’s 6 vs. As 7, M’s 2 on 1st & 3rd 2 outs  4:15pm

Bottom of the 9th, Ms last chance.

Hold on to your wood, buddy. M’s battle threw his bat into the Ms dugout!     4:32pm

Crap! M’s loose again 😦 Darn it, my day was going to well, arg! Rudy and I are going to take off…4:36pm. Peace out!!

3 thoughts on “Play-by-Play Action of Toby’s Sunday

  1. Hey there, just a quick note. I get my url\’s by right clicking and putting copy website url. That\’s how I do it. How did your day go? I briefly looked at your BARE website. I need to take a good look when I get home. It looks really cool. Good job!! I\’m back at work. Contemplating staying over again. I dunno, depends on how tired I am around 10:30pm if I want to try and do another overtime run. I work tomorrow so it would be another day of time and a half. Sigh, gotta love working. Why does sleep disappear so quickly? If you find out how to buy sleep will you let me know? 😉 Probably should get offline and see how my patients are doing!! Look forward to chatting with you later.Amy

  2. Thanks for the visit… you have an interesting site here. I\’ve been checking out your links. Yankee fan here….Take care

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