One of those weeks

So far the week looks eventful to say the least. I go through some times that are so busy i wish i could slow them down but when times are slow look for them to be busy. Does anyone else go through these changes on daily basis or sometimes hourly? Am i getting anxiety? Damn, i wonder sometimes if there is something wrong. Or, this just life? I would put my money on its just life.
But that is the beauty and amazement of life itself. Its ever changing, multi facisted and dynamic. To be a player, not playa, in the game of life one has to be adaptable and highly skilled to really succeed (success is messured different by all and i really dont want to hit that topic 😛 ).  There is so much in this world I dont understand…teh best I can do is try to understand my own actions.
As the journey continues for me in my game of life, I like to wonder what the future will bring. Im getting close to thirty but it makes me excited more than anything. What is going to happen, how will my life be, what are the changes i will experience and who will i meet that influences these things? Those are some of the questions only time will answer. That gives me so hope for all our futures.
Be patient, have "some" tolerance, see the sites, learn and live in every moment you experience. That it what i am going to try and do tomorrow and if make it i will do it the next…I wonder what will happen?


20 thoughts on “One of those weeks

  1. That was an awesome blog! Is your new picture the castle in Germany – Newschwanstein? I\’ve been there and it kindof lookds like it but the pic was too far away for me to tell. I\’m glad you liked my little list, you should do one! 🙂 How did your day go? Sounds like you were busy. Work has been steady for me tonight. I think I\’m going to go for a drink after work with some friends from work. It\’s nice sometimes to just chill out with people after work and not worry about patients. Sometimes, as you say, things just change so fast. That was really random, but I totally know what you were saying. It\’s cool you\’re excited to get older. I wish I could be that way. In some way\’s I\’m excited but some ways I wish time would slow down. It doesn\’t seem like I can do everything I want to. Work and lack of funds get in the way of travel plans! I don\’t mind doing things alone that much, but it would be SO nice to have someone there to share your similar interests and discoveries with. You know? Patients is something I have to work on. Can\’t always have everything right when you want it right!! I hope you have a lovely night and I look forward to chatting with you again! :)Amy

  2. That\’s so cool you were born in Germany. What part? I\’ve been to several places in germany. I think it\’s beautiful. What branch of the service was you dad in? You missed out if you don\’t remember Newschwanstein. It\’s an amazing castle. The Magic Kindom Castle at disneyland is modeled after it. They thought the guy who owned and designed it was crazy so someone took him into a cave and killed him. They\’ve taken such good care of it though it looks awesome. Okay i wrote you an email, so think I\’ve blabbed your ear off enough. have a good night.Amy

  3. Whats up Toby? I myself like to stay very busy!!! Yeah, I guess there are some days when I wish time would slow down for the most part I like to be busy. Have a great Day 🙂

  4. I feel the same way. I like to be busy, but when I get too busy, it drives me crazy. But on the other hand, I can\’t stand to be bored either. I\’m glad that you\’re looking forward to 30. I\’m still afraid of it though. My Husband will be 30 before me, so maybe that will help me some. Have a great day!

  5. Nuffin much to say…been workin my bottay off all day, gonna make a new blog tonight when I get home…what u up to?? ((HUG))

  6. Toby:Road/Life— Rough and rugged but solid and strong. Your road could be improved by others but you can travel it and get through all the potholes on your own. You life is an adventure; you can handle anything that comes your way. Tree/You—Evergreens.. you’re very defined now. You don’t change with the seasons.House/Beliefs— A modest faith and a modest and happy person.. somewhat new age, somewhat worldly. Key/Knowledge— you hold the key to knowledge and are a little over eager about which door to open, perhaps you want to learn everything.Bear/Marriage— I never see good symbolism with the bear, or maybe I don’t know how to translate it right.. you’re afraid of the idea of marriage but you don’t show it.River/Sexuality— Um, you’re a rational guy, not necessarily hard @ss’d just not lovey dovey.. hints of warmth in the distance though… and that is good enough.Fence/Afterlife—not afraid of the after death. You hope to meet your grandfather in heaven.. so you obviously loved him very much.**What do you think.. It’s just a story of course and depends on who translates it. Hhmmm, the weather changed pretty drastically. I went from sticking too the leather yesterday ahhaha, to wearing sweats. I actually really like this kinda day. Relief. Talk to you later Toby,Amy

  7. Well I\’m 38. I\’ve just recently started thinkin\’ about turning 40. I think of the Jimmy Buffett song A Pirate Looks at 40…. Yes I am a Pirate…Parrothead..lolLife is crazy…One of my favorite movies is Parenthood..So much of that movie is dead-on what my life, and I guess many others, is like. If you haven\’t seen it and get the chance definitely watch it.My life is nothing, at 38, like I thought it would be at this time when I was in my late teens and early 20\’s. Parts are what I hoped for but there is a lot I\’d love to change. Enough about that, I\’ll post more on that on my page later(teaser)…..lolYou have a great site here. I just searched for pirate graphics to get the image on my profile. I\’ll be checkin\’ your site regularly to see what\’s up.

  8. I\’m way tired too. Woke up early to go to my dad\’s Dr\’s appointment with him. Should have test results back today. I\’m nervous for him! I hope your week is going well. I\’ll chat more with you later.Amy

  9. I tried to publish a comment yesterday, but it apparantly got lost in cyber space. Thanx for signing my guest map. It\’s nice to know that people do occasionally stumble upon my site.I moved to Utah from Puyallup last September. So it was real awesome to see pics of this years Seafair. Thanx for that little touch of "home". I never knew anyone with a boat, so that was awesome to see it from the water rather than the shore. Did you get sunburned?As far as hitting 30. I played softball in the hospital league in Tacoma for the last 9 years. I would run around for a couple of weeks and be in shape. When I hit 30 it took me half the season to get in shape!! 🙂 I really like the futuring site. It is one of the few sites I check out on a daily basis.Have a great week.

  10. Well we didn\’t hear what we wanted to with the test results. BAsically nothing has changed. That part of his heart is dead and you just gottan go on from there. We\’re really disappointed. Not much you can do about it though right. Hope you\’re having a good day.Amy

  11. I\’m getting close to 35. Geez I feel old sometimes. But then sometimes I just feel I\’m more aware of who I am than I was when I was younger. I\’m comfortable in my own skin. I kinda like myself at times. I just never thought I\’d be THIRTY FREAKING FIVE!! LOLLive is an adventure!Cassie

  12. Great blog Toby. Seems like when everything is going good, it gets too good and something bad has to be thrown in to mix it up a little. I could do with out the MIX, but I will make it through…it\’s mentally draining sometimes. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day! Melissa

  13. thanks for the link :)as for your entry.. you\’re not the only one that goes through a ton of changes.. believe me.. Although I kinda like it at times, it IS exciting not knowing.. but then my brain gets involved and all panicked over not knowing what exactly is ahead.. ahh well.. all a part of life isn\’t it? Great entry.. plus, you can spell.. that makes me happy 🙂 LOL

  14. We all have to live like thers no tomrorow, cuz u neva kno when u will be "gone"…live like that everyday!!!! I do!

  15. You got the music to work!! 🙂 WooHoo!! I think the windows media player is way more easy and cooler than putting the html code in your blog anyway. Good job! Glad you like my tunes. That song makes me want to dance too. Love it! I need to get ready for work. Having a better day today. It was really nice to chat with you yesterday. I hope you\’re having agood day as well!!Talk to you later,Amy

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