Θ Tribute to Thursday Θ

Gosh where to go with this entry…for some reason there isn’t a lot reeling in my brain but I will give it a go.
So my audio is now working. Decided to go with media player because it seemed to work on everyone’s site. Man-o-man was that easy and fast to do. Once everyone finds out how to do it, it will be hard to find sites with out. You know how hard it is too pick a song for a site? Well it was for me. My next song should be up soon and you can vote on the choices by clicking on my Music list. They won’t be on a schedule so they may or may not stay.
Tomorrow morning I leave for Roseburg, Oregon for my mom’s b-day! They whole family will be there with some old time friends. My family gets a little crazy sometimes but we are "The Fun Family". My brother left last night and got in around 2am. I guess Aiden slept the whole way and didnt mind the road trip! Bryan forgot his camera so I just hope I remember mine and don’t leave it. Ok, onto a new topic.
Israel has pulled out of Gaza. Now the Palestinian militants groups like Hamas are claiming it’s a victory and the pull is due to their armed resistance and had nothing to do with diplomatic negotiations. Hamas also said it won’t stop its armed resistance until all the land is clear this includes the West Bank. How could this be possible, the Israeli military has dominated the region since the 60’s when they started the occupation.
It is just amazing that radicals think that violence is the way to solve your differences. I believe we are a product of our parents and environment. So when I was learning how to share and play nice they were learning radical ideas that the west is bad and needs to be "punished" and this "punishment" should come in the form of mass killing of the innocent. Wow what a concept. I wish I learned that instead, YEA RIGHT! Enough ranting lets get serious.
This pull out will have a significant influence within the region. With Israel being hated by most of the Islamic community to it show a huge sign of peace or willing to sacrifice for the great good. These militant groups don’t see it as a act of good faith but rather a reason to continue fighting. The result of continuing to fight is that the never ends. It will keep going for generations. Well this good faith will make Israel the "good guy" in the global political environment especially with UN Security Council.
As I have said in previous entries, the tactics these militant groups use to influence there target audience is not working and will continue to make their cause look very badly. The natural international pressures will make happen. Just like in business, if you are providing a poor product or service your target market goes somewhere else. There recruitment will crumble and the whole world will look down upon them because they are seeing that the global community disapproves.
So there is hope on the horizon to have a global peace, well no war at least. Being the example is a good move for Israel. It is a decesion that has some immediate side effects on Israeli people but the long term benefits for their country is huge.
Other countries have taken similiar steps to change from the old ways to the modern ways like Lebanon and Syria. The global environment is not just changing in the political relm but also in the business sector.
China is now making so business moves to improve its business posistion in the global business environment. Taking over bid of Unocal did have some problems with it. Yes, i know they were offering the Unocal shareholders alot more money the Chevron. Chevron did their research before embarking on a bid. They went step by step to make sure that they had all the documents and followed the exact US proceedure and China did not. The shareholders expect another company to have their business in order before approaching such a deal.
If you have a crappy business plan are investors going to give money? If you have a crappy proposal wiil your boss implement your idea?
Probaly not, you just can’t purchase a public company because you have the money. It needs to be a strategicly motivated for the investors. If you have money but don;t know how to manage it, it will all soon be gone because you are frivolous.
There are countless examples of bad and even good decesions, god knows, some of mine haven’t been the best. Until we chat again this is Toby signing off…


17 thoughts on “Θ Tribute to Thursday Θ

  1. Hey there, just signing in before I go to bed. I hope you have a great time with your family for your mom\’s birthday. I\’ll look forward to chatting with you later! :)Amy

  2. Hi Toby!!! How do you use Word? Anyway here is the linkfor the backgroundhttp://photobucket.com/albums/y291/nuttyfunseeker/th_i71954714_79037.gifAlso you will need the background code that you can find on the right hand side of my space….it says "Background html" If you have any ? let me know! have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Tell you mom all the folks in cyber "spaces" said Happy Birthday.Like the music…I put music on mine as well…still tinkering…right now I seem to be in to this tropical Island thing…Have a fun weekend!

  4. Happy birthday to your mother:) It was so happy to have a big family. I was the only one of my family and sometimes feels lonely. Admiring yours:)BTW, I love your music verymuch. go ahead…

  5. Hi, this isn\’t really a comment, althought your space is great!……………..I was wondering if you could please email me ( provided ) on how to get songs to play on my media player. I\’ve managed to get some background music playing without it :(from this site – http://spaces.msn.com/members/LavendernRain/Blog/cns!1ppCQhiEYPKqn3fQ3Clhx7Kg!143.entry) , but the site I use ( http://www.ripway.com ) has only a small amount of free usage. Is there another "free" site?Please if you have a free minute or too, help me. It would be appreciated.Thank you,: )

  6. Thanks for the advise on the media player stuff, the site "walagata" is not taking anymore members, do you know of any more?Thanks

  7. I just add one music to my blog as what you told me:) Thank you for share the information to me:)I have register a guestmap. You can come and test it whether if you love it:)

  8. Toby, I hope you\’re weekend is going well. How did your mom\’s Birthday go? We celebrated my cousin\’s birthday last night with a bbq and presents and all the good stuff. It was a great time! Today I had the kids for most of the day and we did all kinds of fun stuff! 🙂 Anyway, I\’ll look forward to chatting with you when you get home!Amy

  9. Hey Toby,Yeah. Each side of the whole Isreal thing is gonna claim victory. The only people who really lose out are the ones who had to leave their homes. But perhaps with this one offering, it will bring peace that area. Music! Yes, it will perforate the spaces as the information is leaked out. I\’ll take a look at it as time becomes available. I wonder how the gestapo (aka RIAA) will react to this? The business section of China is just doing what any capitolist would do. Aquire assets and make profit. Now the government part that is so controlling and communist is another story all together. I think once more freedoms are brought to China, it will make it harder for the government to control.Have a good one. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Grrrrrrrrrr…you have music playing and I dont! I love it!! Thanks for coming by….and yes please add me, I love being linked. You have a wonderful day!!Boobie

  11. Hey thanx for the concern, and prayers. Melinda apparently came through the surgery with flying colors. She is up and active today, with a minimum amount of pain!! Have a great week!!

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