Weekend & this week

My weekend was as JJ Walker would say, "Dyno Mite". I will share when i have time. Also, I am going to the Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys Monday Night Football game right after work! Come back and see how I crazy I get 🙂 Later!!

I am leaving work right NOW!!! GO HAWKS!!

17 thoughts on “Weekend & this week

  1. Well you have a great time, see ya when you get back.I\’m stuck at home, mom is here and needs constant watching. But we will be out enjoying this sunny day!I posted my comments at the tribune, I hope others do too, I\’m just dying to see what eveyone will say!

  2. Thanks for the support on the business idea…I\’ll let you know as things move along.Enjoy the game. I\’ve never been to a pro football game..been to evey other form of pro or college sports event… get there soon. The Carolina Panthers are right down the road(about 6 hours west..lol) Look forward to reading about the adventure….

  3. Hello, thanks for visiting "my space"…….but I did want to let ya know that I am not a "bro"……….lol.I am as my friends now me to be female………hehe.Thank You, apparently alot of people think I am a member of the band and male.lol.Take Care,: )

  4. have fun at the game! I\’m sure you will though ;)hmm DJ Tiesto is one of the best in the world.. from Holland.. I love it 🙂

  5. how about the results of the match? Does HAWKS win? I\’ve never saw a football match at palaestra before. It must be hot-blooded:)michael

  6. Working late tonight until 3:30 am. I\’ll have to chat with you another night. Bummer! Got stuck with a needle at work and spent 3 hours in the ER reading paperwork and getting blood drawn. What a pain!! I hope you had a great day! Look forward to talking with you later,Amy

  7. Hey Toby, I think I will just sit here at your space for a while…love the tunes!!! My fav 🙂 Have a great day 🙂

  8. Hey Toby,Yeah I\’m a little tired today, but I made myself go workout, I know it will make me feel better. The hard part about working that late is you can\’t come home and fall right asleep. STill gotta have that down time, so of course that leaves me at 4:30 to 5 am. Then for some reason I wake up at 8 or 9. Sheesh! Everything should turn out okay with the needle stick. They drew blood and all that but it was a low risk poke which is good. I hope everything turns out okay too. Hazards of the job I suppose. How is your day going? Good I hope! Glad to hear you\’re good at returning phone calls, that\’s a good trait to have! 🙂 I think it lets the person that called you know that they are important to you. Well maybe that\’s just a girls mind workin. 🙂 heehee Well I need to get going and get ready for work. Have a great day! Chat with you later,Amy

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