Holy Moly!!

I don’t have words that could accurately explain the last few days. WOW, since I took off on Friday morning, I slept in by and hour and a half, mom was a little bent but she forgave me 🙂 Gotta love her 🙂 We headed off to Oregon for her 50th b-day party! The family was all there, the food was perfect, the pool was reviving and the time together was priceless…
Those are the days that make life unbelievable. Have you ever experience a "moment" like it was its own universe? If you have there is no need for me to describe it but if you haven’t go and try to experience the perfect moment in time.
I want to send a SHOUT OUT to everyone that has left a comment, assisted in site development, left their sasquatch print, listened to my blabble…so here’s to you <tipping my Corona>.
The Hawks game was pretty fun…check out the photos. We dominated the first quarter with our first string then we pulled them out and tested our other guys. The showed some heart but made some errors. If they work on there jumpyness and focused they will do very well. Tubbs was out there throwing the beat down!!
I had some drinks and two huge slices of pizza…Quest field was trying to break the bank but I have my money on my mind and my money is my shoe…
Well the week is shaping up nicely, got my apartment all cleaned up, Rudy is gamin on the PS2, and I am relaxing writing some thoughts out. Does it get any better? If it does, look the F^&k out!!
After Lance dropped me off last, he went to a casino and took 1st in a poker tournament. Friendships like his don’t come around very often and I am priveledge to have such a friend, <cheer Lance>.
There are to many people who are too good to my punk ass. It amazing and something that should be treasured and never taken for granted. So as I end these notes i will leave rule number one for you to ponder.
1) Life is Good!
 – Every morning I wake is a good day
Until we chat again this Toby signing off…

8 thoughts on “Holy Moly!!

  1. Looks fun! Great pictures! OK, I somehow knew you had to be too young because I barely remember that show from when I was very young and I watched reruns too (and I\’m 34 LOL). Had to give you a hard time anyway.hahaCassie

  2. Hello Toby. Thank you for dropping by and leaving me a message. Your space is pretty nice! ^O^It is great that you had a good time. Nice pictures!By the way, may I add your space to mine? Thanks.Best wishes.

  3. Great pics! Looks like you had fun. I just finished blogging and I\’m exhausted. Hope we can chat one of these days!Amy

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  5. Stopping by for a quick hello….."Hello" :)My life has been a total pain in the ass the past couple of weeks. It\’s been cutting into my bloggin time…heheThings are starting to slow down , Thank God! Hope ya had a great day. *Hugs* Melissa

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