Back to work :P

Well I am back to working on BARE’s website. We are going to be featured in a corporate newsletter and the site has to "dialed in". Just quick entry for tonight…have to get back to work 🙂 Later all…

14 thoughts on “Back to work :P

  1. thanks dear tobby for your comment its really true that when we get close ….we tend to forget that one has something known as personal life and responsibilityThanks againtake care~Mayank

  2. Hey there wrote you an email instead of a huge blog comment. 🙂 Hope you had a good day, sorry I missed you tonight I was at work.Amy

  3. nice pics, dont you just love being at the game? I think any chance id have even if its not my team, its nice to watch the game from the stands! We have never been to a game in pittsburgh, which would be freaking awesome, but i have been to the carolina panthers several times, old company i use to work for, we could get tickets to the games occassionally. I did go last year with my brother and his wife to the pre-season game between steelers and panthers..and yes my bro and his wife are panthers fans and the ride home was freaking way too long…They won…LOL. So i think id like to add you to my space under the other football fans list….hope you dont mind! Boobie

  4. oh i had hightlights up too from our first pre-season game…but mostly i was spotlighting Hines Ward….Thats my favorite player….Boobie

  5. hey toby!!!! FIGHT FIGHT for your work^^;i just came back home~almost midnight here+___+Thanks for helping me create MUSIC in my space^^yeahbut……it isn\’t work><

  6. hi hi toby~ can i save some of your photos (monday night game~) wanna make some graphics from your photos^^;ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ about window media player\’s problemi already uploaded file @anywhere+___+does the file has to end with .mp3…? but my link in doesn\’t end with .mp3 ~confuse~

  7. Hope your day is going well! I went and hit golfballs this morning. I might get better with more practice. 🙂 heehee Chat with ya later!Amy

  8. Thanks for visiting my space. I saw your post on PrincessBoobie\’s space saying that you\’re a football fan, so I\’d like to extend an invitation to you to join the MSN Spacers Football pool. All you have to do is register yourself @ the click to join a private pool. Login: imaspacer Password: blogPost a comment on my site letting me know you joined and I\’ll link you on my space.Randall

  9. Hey Brother First of all, great song…Second of all, Grab a drink in your hand, take a pic, send it to me. It\’s that simple!!!!!

  10. Hey there Mr. Toby! Can you please help me set the music up on my site? Hope you\’re having a good night! Talk to ya later!

  11. Haha, yes indeed 311 kicks assimus maximus! And OMG I love that you have Sinatra on your page, he rocks! Yes I admit, I have a Sinatra cd or 4, lol. As for the whole media player thing, I have no clue what you did… Any ways, thanx for stopping by my page… Laters.

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