F@$#ing Issues!

Does Anyone know why I can no longer create a "Custom List". Ever since i used media player it has disapeared. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “F@$#ing Issues!

  1. Dude….sure go ahead and link away…as long as the material itself isn\’t copied I have no problem with that at all.As far as custom lists the reason you cannot make anymore is because you have reached the limit. There is a tool you can use to make more….Go here and read the directions: http://www.freewebs.com/d3vmax/10lists.htmThen go here: http://spaces.msn.com/members/d3vmax/Blog/cns!1pG9JUCZPzr_xPSf3UMkJf4A!2818.entry and read more directions…these are not my help forums so I can\’t say they are safe…but I know people who have used them and have had no problems.

  2. Hey Toby,Wish I could help about the custom list trouble. Glad you stopped by my site and thanks for commenting on my blog from yesterday. I agree with you about liking the idea of having a personal space even though it is public. I think I am still kind of divided on the issue, but think I will come to some sort of decision soon. I enjoy finding others on here from WA and it looks like you had a good time at the Seahawks opening game. What a beautiful day it was. Have a great evening.Jen 🙂

  3. HeyaWoow…what a great site u have here,i love it^^Anyway thanks for stopping by my site and dropping me a line also.u know i was pretty busy for the last few days..so sorry for the delay returning:P~Take care~

  4. hey toby I have the same problem as yours~but I follow MapleLeafKideh\’s advice….It\’s work!!!!!!!and now I can add music for my spaces!!FINALLY!!Thank you very much for helping me*****HUGS TOBY***

  5. and can anyone tell me why I cannot have a media player? it just doesn\’t work:( great space by the way and pictures are also great.

  6. I know that for UK spaces we\’re only allowed 11 custom lists, so perhaps you have the maxium?i\’m not sure, perhaps you\’ve solved the problem now, but definatately in the UK its 11 lists, as i have come to that limit before!…goodbye

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