Here’s to the Weekend

How do you like the new layout? Please let me know if it is crappy or good. I have been messing around and i am not sure what looks best.
Sunday is Lets Get Drunk Day sponsored by Drunkard. Get Faded and take some pictures, you can bet your sweet cookie I will!! So what kind of photo to take? One with just my beer or one with beer and the double bicep? I guess we will have to wait and see what is hempins.
My site is coming together. I couldnt get the Hack to work (for adding additional custom lists) so i deleted some of my link lists. The obersvatories & space links are still here along with my favorite spaces list. No fear your link is still here.
I have alot of work to do on BARE’s website before we are feature in a corporate newsletter. That has me pretty excited because and the result should push our page rank up. I have been working on link swapping with other real estate site and we have them listed on our REALTOR Directory. I have some formatting to do on our home page; its sucks to be a perfectionist because you never leave crap alone.
Lets see what to talk about…don’t know but I guess that is all for this evening…maybe something profound will pop into my small melon. Who knows i just might drink the weekend away…Cheers to all!!

13 thoughts on “Here’s to the Weekend

  1. Hey i found you from a very good friend of mine. AmykinsRN, well enough of that, i have deciced to take her on a vacation over to the coast and she has told me you live over there. Well ok i am just going to come out and ask, Would you think of meeting up with us and golfing one of the days we are there? We are going to be there Sept.2-5 and my husband and i would love to have you join us for a round of golf, and of course Amy will be with us also. You can email me back, Hope i have not over stepped my bounds of friendship, talk later thanks Mindy, oh yeah cool blog!

  2. Hi! Just blog walking and found your space through Jenine\’s Best MSN Spaces listing. I don\’t know what your space looked like before now, but I like what I see. Hope you don\’t mind but I plan on coming back. I\’m new to blogging and would like to enhance mine. I see you have a section of how-to\’s that might help me. Plus you sound like someone that enjoys life and I like to meet people that can do that.Take care.

  3. OK FOLKS! this is my last little recruitment journey~ Im lookin for tattooedand/or pierced peeps! If thAts you get over to my space and sign yer asses up for "SHOW OFF YOUR BODY ART DAY" AUGUST 30TH~ ITS GONNA ROCK!ILL SHOW U MINE IF YOU SHOW ME YERS! 🙂 AND IF YA GOT NUTTIN ~ WELL I LOVE YA\’ll anyway!hugz~ Tarah

  4. Thanks for dropping by and the compliments. I haven\’t finished my music list because I\’ve run into problems with it. Since I use a Mac I can\’t access all the little goodies the PC users use. For instance, I can\’t rate my music so that\’s why I haven\’t even started on my book list. But with the two entries I have I guess you can tell which way I lean and how over the hill I am. LOL.Have a good one. Until next time…. 🙂

  5. What\’s up? Taking a break at work and thought I\’d drop in and say hi. Nothing too interesting going on here thank goodness. i was going to stay over but they don\’t need me so I guess I\’ll be getting a decent amount of sleep tonight. how did the house cleaning go? Anything fun going on tonight. I\’m missing out on going to the lake with some friends, what a bummer! Oh well such is life. Hope you\’re having a good night. Chat with you later! :)Amy

  6. Ok smartypants! How do I download the stinkin\’ music in to my storage files?? OMG! I\’m this close to giving up! HELP! 🙂 TY! BTW – Every time I log on here and you have new music, I get grumpier! HA! JK!

  7. And you also changed your profile pic! Very nice! I like the layout. Is that really pics from Seattle and the Seahawks/Quest field? Ive never been inside. I dont recognize that clock tower either.. or no, maybe I do.. the one next to the station.. anyhow.. have a great sunday!Amy

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