Part I ~ Hurricane Katrina

Alert! Alert! Alert!
BREAKING NEWS from New Orleans!! Hurricane Katrina is heading inland and is rated at a Category 5. The amount of water which a hurricane can spill out is monumental (to better understand how they work click here to watch Looking at Hurricanes, 8 minutes). So we have rain, ok, what about wind? Oh man do we ever. 165-175 sustained winds and which creates the 20ft storm surge. But that is that bad right? Way bad for New Orleans.
Most of the city lies below sea level. It is protected by 15ft barrier and has ennormous pumps to help get rid of the water. My prays are for everyone in the great New Orleans area. The chief said this today "pack your bags and get your ass outta here". my quote could be wrong so please forgive me. The traffic is bad and the dome is going act as emergency shelter for those who can’t get out. Good Job everyone for taking the advice to save your ass. Also Good Job to those making those decesions earlier enough and to have systems in place to aid in move to safety.
Now what has been the contributing factor to the increase of hurricanes through the world? I say global warming. To me the evidence is conclusive, though others argue, and I apply Toby’s Theory of Commonsense, I notice that humans are contributing to much CO2 and other green house gases to the environment NOT to have an impact.
If you think that we NOT are making an impact in the global climate change I think your stupid. The essay needed at least one rant 🙂
The ocean levels are rising, glaciers are reseeding, polar ice caps are shrinking and the evironment will live in is changing. Well the arguement can be made that we don’t have enough long term data to accurately make the assumption. Formulating that conclusion would a thousand years of solid data to make but unfortunelty we do not. So we have to infur on the data we do have and the computer models. Our bests minds are working on this as we speak but what are some of the things we can do to easy the pain of planet Earth? Remember, this is the only one we have right now.
Drive less is the most obvious solution. With more than 20 million cars world wide our global emission are out of control. Taking mass transit, riding a bike (get your big ass out the car), walk, carpool or do what ever it takes to do your part. I am not saying give up driving completely but reduce how many trips in you make. Try living closer to work so you dont have to compute 30 miles and takes 2 1/2hrs a day. You know much time out of your life you spent in traffic? You do the math.
So lets do are part and make living on planet Earth the most enjoyable and sustainable as we can. We are special so lets treat ourselves that way. Until the next time this is Toby signing off…

15 thoughts on “Part I ~ Hurricane Katrina

  1. Hi toby!!How are you?yeah … this green house effect… people are not taking it seriously….but our future generations….will face the worse of it……Take careStay in touch~Mayank

  2. Hey Toby,Just catching up on all the regular sites I visit.Yes, all the adverse weather is a sign of the eco-system changing. While we can\’t go back to the stone age or give up all modern conviences to satisify a small group\’s radical way of thinking, we can rapidly push technologies to the forefront to help out. Can you imagine what 1 billion would do to development of better non-fossil fuel energy sources? I\’m not a staunch environmentalist but I do feel we should treat our stuff and environment with respect.Prayers go out to all those who are in the path of Katrina.Have a good one! GO HAWKS!

  3. Hey Toby, just stopping by to say hi and thought I\’d leave you a message. How is your day going? I am exhausted today because I couldn\’t get to sleep till about 4am last night and woke up at 8. Good good I need some sleep! But I don\’t want to take a nap and not be able to sleep tonight. I\’ll get back on track one of these days. I got the day off today so I\’m way excited! Too bad the weather is overcast. No worries though. Did some major cleaning on my house and now I feel better. Have to do the dirty task of paying bills now ugh. Anyway, I hope you\’re having a wonderful day! I\’ll look forward to chatting with ya!Amy

  4. Wow, great pic. That is magificent.. in a scary sort of way. My prayers go out to the gulf coast too, esp New Orleans.. I\’ve never been and I want to some day.. Hope it doesnt get a drastic change real soon. Pics were from Howarth Park in Everett, by Forest Park… the others were labeled Edmonds and I\’m assuming you weren\’t speaking of them.Later..Amy

  5. whats up tob? great post today and kudo\’s on the critical thinking. although i don\’t agree with all that global warming stuff (remember the world better when two intelligent people debate) i do believe we are having a severe impact on our world. the sad thing is that people are so lazy they won\’t do anything until its to late. my love and prayers go out to all the victims of Katrina and all the other victims of natural disasters.peace,travis

  6. okey im commenting you..cause you wanted me to comment back..only i have nothing really to say..becuase i never usually do..but commenting be nice so yeah! thanks for commenting me!! ttyl maybe??–Becky–

  7. hey Toby,my name is Brandon Toby n i saw da comment ya left me. i like how ur blog is bout da hurricane cuz im gonna get da effects of it in a few days. well, here\’s da comment back. lolBrandon

  8. Hi Toby, finnaly got time to read it all.What you say is totally true. But you know that the only country that didn\’t want to respect Kioto protocol to restric industrial pollution is United States… by arguing this would be too bad for the economy (well for rich people economy)… HOW much you think this will cost to US and all helping organisation… Ans the cost will not go to theses rich people who make cash of continuing polluting air… not it will go to all US population and make poor people event more poor and rich more rich… This is crazy, wake up US it\’s time to FORCE the Kioto protocol, give more tax credit to those who bought alternatives or hybrid car that make less polution. Stop thinking military and cash for a momment. (I talk about the country mind not your)Well we got many warning of climate change now it\’s time to wake up so many songs about it, so many research show it, and so many films too the lastes : "The day after tomorrow" think of it…We want to keep our stubborn living style of keep life possibility for our children???Bye

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