Part III

Today is so damn cool, I recieved a postcard from The KING!! This is the coolest shit I tell ya. Meeting some good people online through MSN Spaces no less. So King, these Coronas are for you!!
I have met so many cool people out here that it truely amazes me. Times are great when you go through them meeting new people and experiencing new things/same things. Who knew the internet who evolve into a place where people can become a community. My mom wanting me to get a labtop when I was 19 to track my expenses and I told her "I don’t want a stupid computer". Good thing shit changes 🙂
So here to YOU!! <tipping up a Corona>
wahoo..that was a long one 🙂
Ok time to touch on a blog that is on Part III, read Part I & Part II.
I heard the reports today on Hurrican Katrina and seen the images and OMFG!! Last I heard there was 55 dead 😦 and the photos I seen of the Hilton Hotel, correct me if I am wrong, that was just blow out. Neighborhoods are no longer; they look like some let loose a bunch wood in HomeDepot 😦 My prayers continue, please join in and praying for them. This makes my heart hurt…
Referencing last night’s post, sorry have to get political, I ask the question again: Who on Earth will help US?
I am going to keep good tabs on this topic and I assure you that I will answer it very soon.
Now here is what going to happen. Currently, the US government has said it will provide the aid necessary, (do you notice that is given not asked?, to rebuild New Orleans. New Orleans just finished a $ 4 billion reconstruction. I am proud of our government stepping in IMMEDIATELY to help those that have been harmed, by mother nature, because our government wants too…
There are some things I can’t explain how I am feeling but hopefully my opinion has been articulated. But I can say this; The United States of America is the best damn country to live in.
Your friend in Time, Toby…

11 thoughts on “Part III

  1. Thanks for the pic hunand i felt the same way about this space thing when i got my comp…lol…its odd at first but they grow on yah!I see all the footage on the Hurrican and it is so sureal!I feel for all those who are touched by this, I see all the people without homes now and feel lost it makes me wonder where will they go when the sun is down!I guess a comment isn\’t really the place to go on about this but thank-you for the facts and your thoughts on the problem. It is truly sad. Take care talk to you soon!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. "shit changes" hahaa..:-)well, life is kinda like a never-ending circleLove is the keyFinding the paththe answercheeriOs,d~

  3. I just had a blog discussions with some Canadian\’s on that very subject. They wondered if the US would help them if there was a disaster there. I was like yeah duh…cause we help everyone! I said who helps us? Sometimes Canada, sometimes England…thats it though. We help ourselves! We do live in the best country. I am damn proud to be an American! I am off to a Mariner\’s game tonight should rock! And Mom\’s are the best! :o) Just ask my kids!

  4. Hey there!Love your last few posts! Very enlightening, and I have to say, I agree.There are lots of other ways to help slow down the whole green house effect. All the chemical shit we are exposed to each and every day not only breaks down our environment, but also breaks down our bodies. We are so lucky in this day in age, we can fully expect to see more hurricanes, tornados, el Nino, cancer, Central nervous system disorders…the list goes on. If only more people would listen and make small changes. Everyone would benefit.Enough of my rant, you can see enough of that on my blog! LOLBe well,Jenn

  5. Toby,Thanks for stopping by my space.Yes, it\’s great the we are taking care of our own, but where does it all ($) come from. With the war in Iraq, the social security mess, etc. Our deficit is going to eat us eventually and our allies could give a damn. I\’m glad that I\’m fifty-four and almost on my way out the door.Peace, Love, Hippie Stuff,Wayward Bill

  6. well nice blog. I am little behind on the Katrina, i really do not have much time for tv so thank you for doing so much on it. Well i hope your heart will be ok and understand were you are coming from. Times are very cool when you get to meet people that you would not otherwise. I really look forward to my friends on the net also. Please take a look at my blog it is finally coming along. Have a great day and thank you for the up dates on Katrina Mindy

  7. Well we send help the first day US CANADA!!! but bush only say it a week after saying a mere little thanks for Canada fast help…Canada is also dam great country, less military and more socialist to help people, assurance, and stuff like it. Well US is great to, well I\’m from Québec and speak french and I\’m proud of it héhé!Bye

  8. The world is an echoing place. If we throw anger, anger comes back, if we give love, love comes back. Love should not be demanding; otherwise it loses its wings, it cannot fly. It becomes rooted in the earth becomes very earthly; then it islust and it brings great misery and great suffering. Love should not be conditional, one should not expect anything out of it. It shouldbe for its own sake — not for any reward, not for any result. If thereis some motive in it, again, your love cannot become the sky. It isconfined to the motive; the motive becomes its definition, itsboundary. Un motivated love has no boundary: It is pure elation, exuberance, it is the fragrance of the heart. And just because there is no desire for any result, it does not mean that results do not happen; they do, they happen a thou-sandfold, because whatever we give to the world comes back, itrebounds. The world is an echoing place. If we throw anger, angercomes back; if we give love, love comes back. But that is a naturalphenomenon; one need not think about it. One can trust: It hap-pens on its own. This is the law of karma : Whatever you sow, youreap; whatever you give, you receive. So there is no need to thinkabout it, it is automatic. Hate, and you will be hated. Love andyou will be loved.

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