Part IV

Is this section there two main points in which I shall try to cover. The first will be on the response of time of US government with critiques coming from the global community. Second will be the people and their re-action to the conditions they are facing.
The local government and police department of New Orelans informed everyone to get there butt out of town before Katrina made land. Now that is a perfect decision for that situation. Get out!! Save your butt and live another day. But the problem is alot people stayed. The international community has been showing some different views towards us.
1. It’s God paying us back for crimes against humanity. That is the extremist view I read to day, God is punishing us right now.
2. WOW, evening in the riches community it still gets affect by natural disasters. But why should the US get aid? They are the richest country.
3. Yea, we will help out. I interepted Hugo Chavez’s statement that he will send crude oil if the US asks.
4. The increase and strength of storm’s is due to global warming and the US is the biggest contributor and they are reaping what they soue (sp).
Contestant number #1 stand up please. The US being pushed by the Gods for all the bad stuff we have done and you, the extremists, are getting helped out. These extremists kill innocent people in the name of God, sorry but I don’t think so. Next!
Number #2 what are you saying? The US is by far the richest country in world that is a given but no help? To me help isn’t about how much you give but the simple action of "offering" help. It means alot when someone, in this case a county, stands up says "you can count on us, we will help you". In past blogs I have posted that we give more aid and are expected to give aid to other countries when there are in trouble. Usually we are the first in and the last out. But when we hit like this the international community says "your rich, do it yourself." Totally astounds me in people’s reaction when we have a problem. Bush has said when we need help we will ask for it. We haven’t asked yet still no one has even said "we were on our way".
Hugo Chavez, number #3, says he will help if we ask. The US government and the Venezulian government isn’t on the greatest terms right now. I won’t cover that but go look it up. So a guy that hates us will help us out, that is a commendable gesture, I am NOT pro-Chavez, but did you know that we are the biggest buyer of Venezulian oil? So there is a political and economical motive for Chavez to say yes. But there is some of the help I was looking for but it doesnt quite hit the mark.
Number #4 has a half merit about it. Yes, the storm’s strength are coming from global warming and Yes, we are a major contributor of green house gases but it is fair to say we are getting what we deserve? It seems pretty harsh to me and makes me feel bad that people would kind of wish this upon us or on any for that matter.
Now, some of these positions overlap and to put the story together it needs another eliment. Our response was pretty good, I thought, but all of people didn’t leave and now the crime is gaining momentumn because they didn’t leave and the international community is saying we are doing a crappy job. How can that happen in the United States? It can happen anywhere I am afraid. It just doesn’t in the US very often, well not since the 60’s. Everyone is saying the government is no where to be found but it takes some time to mobilze and gear up to go in. Gotta give us grief just because it isnt flawless. Let see this size of hurricane hit in your country and see what happens. Every other country would be leveled and how many resources could they moblize to save their ass. Not as much as us so get off the back and let us handle it. I get tired of people bitching about what the US is not doing. We do more for any one else hands down. Billions poor out of country to help the needs of others around the world. So I guess that means, no one helps us when we are in trouble.
On to the Second major point, The rescue population and civil unrest. The people who decided to stay, for various reasons, are now the one requiring all the aid. I don’t mind the aid part at all. I think it is great that we take care of our own with all the resources we have. NGO’s & the government have jumped in to say were coming!! Volunteers are mobilizing and I have a friend that just signed up. I will publish an first hand interview about her experience and what drove her to sign up. These times do bring the best in people but it also has brought out the worst I’m sorry to say.
Civil Unrest has errupted and small time looting is esacalating into big crime and violence. People are now shooting at the military and helicopters, Shinook if I am correct, and cause a major disturbance in the region. All the police that were helping in the rescue effort have now all been redirected to stop the mobs. OMG people get a clue, you are just making the situation worse. It is a self defeating purpose to casue problems when the government is trying to bring aid and help in. These people are taking scarce resources away from the most important job right now, saving lives. Don’t make the problem worse in a time like this, for this I plead.
Needless to say the situation is not going to well down there. But in a few days there will be a different story to write about.
Toby’s prediction: The government will stabilization the situation and other groups will get medical help to people, food & water will be getting distributed, and don’t forget all the private enterprises have to rebuild so they can start making money.
These businesses are, gas companies, from crude oil extraction to pipline distributors, will want to be in production, electric companies, food, septic and on and on. They are wanting to do it  ASAP so they can start making money again. I know it sounds self but just bear with me. This will result in commerce and the people coming back to the area. The whole are will start to rebuild itself and it will once again become one of the great cities of the United States.

11 thoughts on “Part IV

  1. ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·(¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´Just peeking in here!To say Hello to you!¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·(¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´The One and OnlyMajestic Sapphire¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·(¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´

  2. Please forgive the intrusion, but I feel the more I post the following, the more help my be forthcoming.Thanks.A poem..Written and Owned by Me Despair They all huddle aroundan electric candle.Only the power hasbeen overthrown.Staring with vacant eyesat ruins of prosperity.Breathing air graywith decaying dreams.Sitting in darknesswith other lost.Without the hopeno-one searching.Forgotten silver rayswhen the sun shone.The storm overtookeveryone. Please note: the original last line of this poem was :the greed overtook everyone." It\’s just when I read it again, it seemed so much like the images of the victims of Katrina, that I wanted to share it here.All of the people need help. If you can send money to one of the relief efforts, send what you can. These are our own people. Our country, our people, our children…this is a time when we need to think as a village, rather than a country. And if you live in another country, we could use any help you could send. The Red Cross.Storm Aid. This is also posted on my blog, the links are live there.

  3. LOLThanks for checking out my space and even leaving a msg to me^^Actually it\’s already been a time I didn\’t take care my sapce u know,so just thought of having a look around:Pohh btw..I love the music u playing here;)~Have a great day~

  4. Hi Toby…good post yet again! I agree…lets stop playing the blame game and focus on helping these ppl and get the job done. I posted of ways to donate and help because I kept hearing…"how can I help?" It\’s amazing how people have a world on knowlege with the internet but forget how to use it!Have a good weekend!

  5. just wanted to stop in and wish you a great LONG weekend! Actually.. I don\’t know if you guys have labour day weekend there or not lol.. well nonetheless.. have a kick ass weekend :)btw.. I like the new profile pic 😉

  6. Great post Toby. I have sat watching this on the television and I can not believe what I am seeing.The looting, the stories of gun fire, and those poor peoples faces, I can\’t even put it to words what I feel? I have never been through anything of this magnitude. So I can\’t even begin to imagine the horror these people are feeling. How hopeless things must look to them. I can only pray they get the help they need and deserve and donate what I can ( money and supplies). Thank you for coming to my site again. It is always great to see a comment from you. Oh and if you thing the 20\’s are bad, WAIT till the 30\’s! LOLHave a wonderful weekend. Melissa

  7. Yes, you\’re right…they told everybody to leave town..but did NOTHING to facilitate it – even for the elderly and hospitalized.Take a deep breath and look at this as an example of their failure:!1p1PVlgbV6HfWGoLOkK8b2fQ!647.entryWas it their responsibility? Well, according to their own disaster plan ( – which they obviously ignored, it certainly was:"The overall strategy for dealing with hurricane emergencies is to evacuate as much of the at-risk population as possible from the path of the storm and relocate them to a place of relative safety outside of the projected high water mark of the storm surge flooding and hurricane force winds."This wouldn\’t have become anywhere NEAR as dire a federal problem if the state and city hadn\’t been negligent to begin with.

  8. #1, god lol so bad argument… All things do in the name of god are the wrost humanity ever do… So pitifull to know some people trust so much god what then to do it while it\’s religion leader that manipulate mass. I agree with you this is a stupid argument.#2 Well I agree that\’s not because you are the more rich country (that is not true… you are well placed, but some little country make awsome cash entry, well not Canada tought :P) YOU need help food, medicine, helping people, material and stuff you can,t gatter fast by yourself and need in quantity. That\’s what Canada do the first day there where sinister, sending food, medecine, pure water and all with more of twenty full packed truck and that was only one sent there were others.#3 Well, just accept any help with no condition… A conditionnal help is not help… And no need to pay back… Help mean not to want to be paid after. Why refuse them and Cuba??#4 no one ever deserve it, but wish you will learn of it and FORCE Kioto protocol to gaz emission of industrial compagny, and cars limitation on environmental gas emition adopted too. (Read more on my comment on part 1)after :CANADA as helped and all country over the world send help now, maybe you TV program, articles and all other media hide it or something, but it\’s one of the greatest mondial help never seen.Well some people still in life there are wuite ok with what they are, have already food stock and all and waht to begin rebuilding now and now being trow up else where some wnat to stay home. In some case they are stupid, but in other they are right and well prepared to go trought it. Well guns is a problem in your country lol.last : Oil compagny not help, they take advantage of it to raise price, they di billions of cash and now rise price all around the worl cause of it, we need to get ride of this oil dependance anyway it\’s a major fator in climat change to go with electricity, hydrogen car already exist in Iceland or Danmark all the contry is self suffisent and no need oil. And polution is far lower. Oil compagny mean capitalist in power, I have no pity for them, they have none for us.Bye

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