Part V

So the critisms are gaining momentum but I told you I would follow up on which countries would provide aid if any did. I heard this afternoon that 39 countries say they will help out in the relief effort. It is pleasing to hear that the international community is going to help for helps sake.
The situation does look grim down south but it is only going to get better as the days pass. President George W. Bush will sign or has already signed a 10.2 billion aid package that goes in affect immediately and government aid will continue to help the people and to rebuild the city.
On that note I have some intreguing information. 94.9 fm interviewed  Lawrence J. Vale, co-author of The Resilient City: How Mondern Cities Recover from Disaster, discussed how No major city in the world has ever failed to recover from a major event. People have way to much love for there city to give up on it. Some good examples are Hiroshima (A-bomb), Toyko (fire-bombed) and Berlin (allied bombing and ground warfare). These cities have recovered and are now stronger after their disasters. These cities were totally destroyed but the people persivered and rallied behind their city. So I don’t buy the agrument that New Orleans or other Gulf cities will not recover.
There is a major problem with the every increasing violence in the Gulf area but I would put money on it that that problem will be resolved soon.
In conclusion, The United State of America will prevail through this tragedy but it will take time. The resources are being dispatched and arriving on scene to assist everyone. It speaks true to The United States of America culture that we will help. It doesn’t matter what country you are from, if there is a disaster then we will be there to help out and that I can promise you.
To everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Katrina my heart & prays go out to you and that you find a way to have your pain eased.
Toby Barnett

8 thoughts on “Part V

  1. best thing to do is not listen to the media(always a good idea)… it\’s amazing how many things the media reported over the week are now being provend false by the soldiers on the ground.. keep up the good stuff… We\’ll definitely biunce back….I think we should re-design the city…but we\’ll always bounce back….

  2. yub^^ In my opinion~we should RE-DESIGN our cities…There\’s the problem everywhere~ everytime….IIt depends on the way we choose to solve+___+I also feel in the same way as you,TOBY^^;"my heart & prays go out to you and that you find a way to have your pain eased"

  3. Hello Toby. I watch the news about Hurricane Katrina lately, too. I feel sad for those people who have been affected by the hurricane. I hope they can go back and rebuild their homeland soon.

  4. personally, i was impressed by the Cuban goverment. antagonistic with America yet they helped and went like for no conditions. i thought that was cool.d~

  5. hey waz juss checkin out ur space n thought i would drop ya a line. i saw ur link on my ex\’s space! lol u seem like a really sweet guy that cares n is interested n the world round him! keep caring n drop me a line!

  6. good read! This is so sad…but your right about us being strong, and my faith in humanity has been restored as the reports of our forgien have begun to come in.

  7. Finally heard of that in media, you medias slow many things to the population. Great example is Buch first election, he was supposed to lost… he ruined black minaurity votes well check it up in September eleven movies by Micheal More, don\’t take all of it for truth, but well of what I heard when it happen and what is said in the movies some are quite true trust me.Here\’s some of our medias site if you want outside look at what happen to your country.lot of news on our own region, but some internaltionnal news like Katrina was a lot talked.LCN news : public channel : are the 2 most knows news net work, you could try to find other in europe to have an even more distant opinion. Didn\’t check if there is an english version, but well google is your best friend to translate web pages :)bye

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