Hurricane Katrina Essay

This essay follows the events that unfolded prior and post Hurricane Katrina. Its five parts document its power, destructive force, public & government reaction and my analysis. The report is incomplete because due to my lack of complete information as a result there are no recommendations for improvement.
The following information is copyrighted 2005 and any other use is stictly prohibited unless otherwise specified.

9 thoughts on “Hurricane Katrina Essay

  1. I have little to comment on concerning Katrina. I\’ve been horrified, shocked and angered at ignorance.I live in Florida and hurricaines are a fact of life. Three hit my area last year. Ice was gone within one day in the 98+ temps. Water and canned food was gone within three days as we waited for help. We did dig ourselves out and got to neighboring towns to find food and lodging. We were lucky. We had money. We were still displaced. I feel so bad for the folks in Louisiana. They are going through much worse than we did. I also hate it that they seem to think that they are having to wait so long because of the color of their skin. It just simply isn\’t that easy to get to them. They had the added problem of flooding. Can\’t get a plane in there. Can\’t land a helicopter… yes, it takes days to clear the roads to get in there and get out of there. Think rationally here… I don\’t know. Maybe if you\’ve never lived in a disaster area, you can\’t understand.Umm. this was meant to be short.

  2. Hey Toby, how goes it? Yeah, my little bro zooked all over the place…I don\’t think he missed one spot in his room 🙂 have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was kind of disgusted this morning to see Queen Hilary on the Today show talking about how we need to investigate the government on the slow response to this tragedy. Matt Lauer pointed out that the FEMA guy that was in charge during her husband’s term wrote a letter complaining back then that they didn’t have the funds needed if an emergency arises. She turned it back again to blame the current administration for it. I really hate politics and it amazes me that no one really pays attention to what any of these people say. I mean the words behind what they say. How they twist things to make themselves innocent. I guess maybe cause I have known men like that that are liars and cheats I got good at reading into what people say where most others are blinded by the snow job. I am not taking the side of Bush, I don’t agree with a lot of what he does either. I mean maybe there were issues and they are at fault for it taking so long. But why spend the money on some lame investigation that will probably not prove anything different and the outcome won’t matter anyway. Spend the damn money to help the victims recover and rebuild the area. I am so sick of the blame game that goes on. I don’t hear hardly anything positive anymore…only bashing. Does it really matter, what’s done is done and I am guessing and the peoples love for that nasty woman that she will end up president later, especially if she’s starting now. Sorry for the rant…maybe I should add to this on my own space. :$ Have a great day!

  4. Hey Toby! You should come by…ive started something new on myspace its called ….Boobie Tuesday, come by check it out…give me some feed back. Have a great day!…Princess Boobie

  5. Hi Toby,great texts to read, nice to heard of a so devoted guys about helping sinistred people. Continue like that wish you luck!

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