Having an older brother growing up was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Being older it was his duty to beat on me and teach me things only an older brother can. Stand up for yourself and others, be compassionate and care for family. Being my best buddy and idol, besides my dad & grandpa, I looked up to him and mimiced what he did and always sought his approval. His natural talent is a pleasure to watch still. We don’t spend time together like we used to but I our relationship is at the best is has ever been. Now he is a father and me an uncle it is now coming full circle. So here’s to you Bryan! For you are the best father I have seen!! I love ya!

14 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. T: Everything was a blur…I really dont remember much about that wedding. But that bach party sounds good….maybe my new hottie wife can be the entertainment!!! King T

  2. Wow! A hunk and very sweet! I\’m the older Sister and I have just one Sister younger than me by about 3 1/2 years. We had to brothers… One I never met died at the age of 13 adn the other was 2 months old between my Sister and me, died of crib death. I don\’t remember him. I always sorta wished I had a brother tho. Must be nice. My Sister copied me alot too and I thought she was a pain, but I love her so much! Now I\’m a Mom with 3 boys and a Daughter. Looks like I\’m gonna get to find out about brothers after all. LOLCame by to say hi… HI! =)Tammy

  3. Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to reply to your post… As for losing my borthers, I didn\’t know them really so it was hard so much as it was just wish me just wanting know them. It get worse… I actually have 3 other brothers, my Dad had in a marriage before my Mother. I don\’t know them either and I wish I did, but I don\’t think they want to know me thanks to my Dad and the way he left things. So that\’s life.As for football… This is like talking about politics or religion. LOL So if I say who I like, please don\’t scold me. I like Green Bay and the Vikings. I\’m not sure if it\’s the teams so much as it is players. Cause I think I like certain players more. (Farve, Moss, and Dante) Anyway, I guess I\’m as ready as I can be. Don\’t that would matter. I do play on a Yahoo fantasy league tho. Wish me luck! I won once a couple years ago. LOL =)Tammy

  4. T: I was confused by the first part of your comment. "Include people who make comments with no return address/space." That was what I was trying to say, maybe I just said it wrong. Later KT

  5. Brothers…pain in the butt if you ask me..although mine is younger and yours is older…damn, why did my mother have to have me first? lol…hope you are having a great day Toby 🙂

  6. Noticed that you told Vicki (Some GAve all) that PebblePie lost her son in the war. That isn\’t so. Just thought you should know. She\’s a Blue star mom which means that her son (and now a daughter) are active duty, but they are both fine as far as I know. Easy to get confused about that. nice blogs here too! keep up the good work.Tami

  7. Being the baby sometimes having an older brother was a pain in the rear… HE always got to do the stuff I wanted and I was told no only boys can do that or naw your to little.. But also being daddy\’s little darling..:) I got even ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh did I get even..lolol His health is bad now and the time to gather is never enough but it is spent laughing over those very same thing. It\’s funny how we remember them a bit different.. lololol

  8. It\’s great you love and appreciate your brother. I\’m the oldest of 7 kids, I have 5 brothers. The one closest to me was 2 years younger than I am. We were actually best friends and got along well. There were even times he protected me. I remember I was about 7, and a big girl down the street didn\’t like me, she cornered me one day and was gonna beat me up. My brother (5yrs old) was there, he stepped in front of me and said, "Run Steph, I\’ll take care of her"! LOL I ran to the neighbors house and told them my brother was in trouble. We went out there and to this day i\’m not sure what happened, she was gone and my brother was just fine. LOL There were many times we protected or covered for each other. Thanks to my other brothers, there is NOTHING my boys can think of or do that I haven\’t seen or heard. I\’m prepared for everything,… know all, see all. lol They are convinced I read minds. lmao I enjoy your blogs, keep going. BIG HUGSSS, Kitty

  9. Toby,I begin by echoing Mommy_G_of_4\’s comment about you being a hunk…damn you are fine!Ok, the topic at hand…I am so jealous of you for having a brother!!! I have wanted a brother, preferabley older but would have settled for younger, my whole life. What did I end up with??? 5 sisters. Although I love them, well, most of them, I still would have loved to have had a brother to pal around with and show or be shown the "ropes of life" to each other. So, two reasons I am jealous of you…you had a brother and you are so good looking!If you want, I would be willing to trade your older brother for my youngest sister. Or you and your brother could adopt me. I have a feeling you would pick the second if you had to make a choice, lol.Until Later,~Cajun

  10. Hey there Tobz! Keren here again! LOL must be sick of me but that is good that we can keep in touch. That\’s what older brothers and sisters are for. They are there to teach you alot on what life has yet to offer to us since that they have lived life to the fullest and that they are great but when we need to take a step back and see where they are coming from. Hey who knows right they are our flesh and blood. We need to respect them and to love them despite our differences in life. You are so lucky to have a brother. Why? It is because with me mum had to decide who she wanted when I was born since that I was part of a twin and that I may had a brother myself to talk to. But mum actually miscarried a day early with him and mum had to have an emergency caeserian with me that day. You are a great guy Tobz with alot of talent in you and go hard with this and you may never know what will come to you. Hope to talk to you sometime soonKeren Maclean aka (aintnoangel05)

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