Ode To The Commenting Coward

Screw you for posting to a site about the Katrina disaster just to advertise your worthless blog. Jackass.

Published by: What is wrong with you?


Here is a comment i recieved shortly ago. Who ever you are, I appreciate your comment and thanks for sharing your level of intellegence with all of us here in internet land. I totally appreciate people like because I end up looking a lot more intellegent. Have you read my essay? Probably not, your a commenting coward who leaves no trackback information because you are a PANSY!! <cheers> PANSY

But if I understand your statement your saying I posted on Hurricane Katrina related sites to get people to come to mine. I could careless if you or anyone comes here. This site is for me and screw you. I welcome my guests to leave comments either on one of my posts or to just say "hi". I write on a topic that I am feeling at the moment or when I have the urge to write an essay.

I pity the commenting coward. You lack courage and heart. You have shown your lack empathy for the people of this situation. Thanks for stopping in and next time write something decent becuase stupidy is contagous and we don’t want to catch it.

Now that is over I need to send an apogy out to PebblePie because my ingorance gave me the opptunity to stick my boot in my mouth. Running on the assumption that I just knew what a Blue Star Mom is I state that her son was lost in the Iraq War and some friends online helped me to see the correct answer. Being an army brat I should have know but I was totally wrong, It means that she has a son/daughter is serving. I’m sorry. I hope you can for give me PebblePie.

Well I am off to the gym and then it will be a work even putting together a relief event to raise money for the American people affected by Hurricane Katrina. It is on the 16th so come back for pictures 🙂 Take care everyone and until we chat again this is Toby signing off…

Hurricane Katrina Relief Party Sponsored by Barnett Associates



12 thoughts on “Ode To The Commenting Coward

  1. Hi, well done, I also like to kiss morrons ass when they dare come to insult me or my friends. But we just look better cause of him lol. Brainless stupid folk of the mass…In definition, a blog is gathering of information mostly informative about subjects. It\’s new web media of communication, is goal is to spread information, not to copy it… So give links on best sites and all is far more than being good, it\’s the blog duty to be a center of information, and if someone not like it he is just stupidly crazy lolBye Toby

  2. i hate negative comments on my blog too! luckily, no one left one when i posted my own theories about the whole katrina disaster!have a great day and raise a lot of money!stacey

  3. I dont get many negative comments but when I do it seems like people are looking at your site for three minutes and then commenting where they have no place to comment or leave a remark that is negative. People like this usually dont back themseslves up either.

  4. hi sweetness…..I usually delete the uglies and keep the pretties! I dont like mean ppl. And your essay was wonderful! And im sure a sexy man like yourself doesnt need to post to ppls site to get visitors….I bet they just roll in over here! Have a safe and happy weekend! Boobie

  5. Mean people suck. Stupid people are even worse. Don\’t let it get ya! Keep working for what you know is right. Good luck raising lots of money for Katrina – I\’ll be down there in a couple of weeks to lend a hand, probably cooking food for zillions of people or helping with the clean up.Write on Toby!

  6. There is always a bad apple everywhere. I had my share of net stalkers awhile back. People like that should get lives. Keep up the good work!

  7. HAHA I just noticed your comment on my blog and thought I would come back and confess I didn\’t write that but I found it online and thought I would post it to inform others that gas is not expensive because Bush wants to make money. If I find good articles that make points about my thoughts I just post them. Spread the word! :o) Thanks for coming by, it\’s nice to know I am not the only one that thinks the way I do.

  8. Well there\’s always one in every crowd babe. Your cute profile pic is enough to make women come back to take a peek. I\’m Guilty! LOL Just stopped by to see what you were up too. Good luck with your project! =) Surely, no one can stay mad at you???Tammy

  9. I\’m impressed by the way you\’ve just told whomever it was off. Tactful yet very effective. Not to mention a man who\’s just admitted he was wrong. Now I know why I was given a link to your blog, I\’ll be back! Again, I\’m impressed.

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