A Friday Work Night

I just finished the BARE’s Relief Event letter and it available for viewing, in pdf, at the Barnett Associates Relief Event page. That page is now my next priority. We have a meeting tomorrow to outline implementation plan, i will have an agenda, and to conduct task deligation. Our goal is to be totally prepared by Wednesday so as Friday comes we won’t be stressing out and running around doing nothing. My mom thanked me for taking the lead on this event and I can’t begin to describe the honor in that. To everyone in blogger land, take care and my hopes and dreams are with you. Until we chat again this Toby signing off…

8 thoughts on “A Friday Work Night

  1. *´¨)*´¨)¸.·*¨)*´¨)*´¨)¸.·´¸.·*´¨) **´¨)¸.·*¨)*´¨)*~Just A HELLO~*´¨)*~*~*From Majestic*~*~*¸.·*)*¸.·´¨)*´¨)¸.·*¨)(¸.·(¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´*´¨)

  2. Hi! I found you via Sealord\’s space… great blog, and I love your hurricane Katrina help list, especially Project Backpack…because it\’s ALL about the kids! Happy blogging, come visit me sometime:)

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Hope you\’re having a nice weekend. Nice work on the Barnett Associates Relief Event page. I\’m sure you\’ll get a lot of support.And as far as that coward. Keep telling him and others like him like it is……….

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