Everyday brings us closer to Winter!!

This weekend was busy to say the least. Between working, meeting with family and hanging with some buddies it is hard to fine time for myself. This party has me a little stressed but it is positive and should be fun.
Today was the anniversary of Sept 11. I have been focusing on Hurricane Katrina so much I slighty over looked it. I thought about it but it didn’t capture my mind. I do feel bad that but my brain feels like mush. Anyone else get like that?
Thanks to everyone who been posting awesome comments!! You GUYS/GALS rock!! It is amazing how many cool people you meet.
Well back to the grind and peace to you all!!

6 thoughts on “Everyday brings us closer to Winter!!

  1. I am not looking forward to winter because I drive over the pass far too often. It can stay fall forever…lol. Sounds like you are a busy guy. Take some time out and lock the doors. Have a good week!

  2. I can tell I\’m the only one here so far that can\’t wait for winter. But I guess that\’s because I live so far south and I\’m tired of almost 100 degree weather. Sounds like you need some time for yourself to just relax and get it back together. Hope you get some real soon!

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