Grab the Day!!

To start this off I am watching/listening to Judge Roberts confirmation right now. Sen Kennedy just finished up and he didn’t let Roberts speak/answer questions. Kennedy kept interrupting and was to pushy on specific questions and cases that may become in front of the Supreme Court in the future. I will be keeping tabs on this issue to see how it developes.
Winter is rapidly approaching and I am starting to get excited. My skis could use some fresh wax and a good edge sharpening. My gear is ready but I could use some new goggles. A buddy of mine wears Von Zippers. I have tried them on and they are comfortable, great visibility and they have a cool name 😛 I am not sure if I will be attending the new Warren Miller film this year becuase of cash but we will see. I will probably put Storm in when i get home. It was one of my favorites movies.
Well football season is here. The Seattle Seahawks lost there season opener but since we haven’t been strong the road the past few years so it wasn’t to big of a surprise. I have tickets for Sunday’s game against the Alanta Falcons. My buddy Brian and i will be meeting up around noon and then its crazy time!! It should be fun.
Well BARE’s Relief Event is coming along nicely. The invitations are out, the band is booked, the facility is prepared and all we need is the people to show 🙂 All i have left to do is finish my signage and get them printed up and practice the timeline. I am most nervous about the last one. I will be talking to the professionals in our area and i don’t want to feel like an idiot up there (not hard to do). Tonight will be a heavy work night but my friend Lance is coming over and going to stay the night. He is taking the MLS test in the morning down here and wants to aviod all the traffice leaving Marysville. Hopefully he is a little calmer than normal 🙂
My writing has slacked off these past days and I haven’t been out visiting online friends so sorry to all if I haven’t gotten to your comments. Things get crazy and it is hard handle everything all the time. I have been talking to someone online in the evenings. It is really fun and enjoyable but i am not sleeping well because of just staying up to late. I remember when I was 19, I could party all night and get up early and then do it all over again.
Am I forgeting that I was tired then or could I really do that? All i know is that I can’t handle it like I used too. I am kind of glad I can’t because tonight I so want to pass out early but I doubt it. Well I am off for now.
Hope to talk with all soon…it probably this weekend since the days leading to Friday are busy 😛 Take care everyone and enjoy your week!

15 thoughts on “Grab the Day!!

  1. Isn\’t it weird that you can\’t do that anymore? Staying up late and then working the next day with ease…what happened? Oh, that\’s right…I got old!Thanks for stopping by my page…I enjoyed checking out all your links last night. It truly is addictive and can end up keeping you up later then planned…

  2. Sen Kennedy is an ass!!! As far as skiing I have only been once in my life…the worst experiance. My Uncle took me and basically left me at the top of the mountain to fend for myself…to say the least the way down was not an easy trip…lol…Havent been since but I would love to learn to snowboard..I am thinking of doing that this winter 🙂 Have a great day Toby.

  3. Well you are not old yet so I wouldnt be too hard on yourself 😛 and if you can still dance it up then you got it going on *lol*Take Care ~Jolie Mae~

  4. Yeah! You\’re goin to the game! Cool. I\’m trying to get my boss\’ seats for that game too. I worry though when the first play of regular season is a FUMBLE on the return!!!!!AAARRRGGG!!! And the Falcons just whipped Philly too. They\’re looking tough. It should be a good game though.GO HAWKS!!!

  5. When either side wants a judicial nominee to state, in advance, their decision to a hypothetical case it is just inappropriate. The in person interview should be very short. The Senators need to read through the nominee\’s past cases and check to see if there is a sound argument based upon the Constitution. If things seems sketchy then ask the nominee to clarify his/her ruling.

  6. you seriously mentioned Winter and summer isn\’t even finished…booooo! LMAO I get it, you love skiing! anyways…I love swimming! i guess there\’s balance in there somewhere! Come by and sign up for Hugfest! Cheers!

  7. Hey there Toby,Don\’t worry about posting. I post every few days or so. Seahawks.. yeah. Umm.. no turnovers would be nice. 😛 But the Falcons have to remember this.. Qwest field is only big enough for one bird… The Seahawks! I\’m still not sure Robert\’s is the right guy for the Supreme Court. Yeah, you will always have those ignorant politicans who just have to say their piece because they\’ve been in the Senate for ages. I\’m still concerned over his comments about privacy. If I may borrow a line from a Molsen EX beer commercial: "It\’s all about balance!" ;)Cheers!

  8. Thanks for dropping by…I haven\’t posted lately..been kinda busy…Ophelia is not too bad but has potential for a lot of flooding near where I am…some damge due to winds…Thanks for thinking about me….Take care!

  9. Hey, just checkin in! Got one little thing of advise for ya. Go to bed! LOL Glad to know you haven\’t forgot about us out here. See ya around soon! =)Tammy

  10. hey toby. great blog!! I watched the seahawks get smashed. It will be great to see the Falcons this sunday but they will problably walk all over seahawks. hope the weather over there sunday is good for you. party hard. Chris from spokane. I got your blog from mindy.

  11. Hi Toby!!How are you?I can understand….why one cant be remain in touch… as among these days I am also very busy with some projects…… i am glad that you liked that blog entry… far as the originality of that entry is concerned I had gone threw it once from a magazine….. I just recalled it……anywayTake Care~Mayank

  12. Oh cool song!!! I\’ve never heard it before but I like it!! Yeah that was a hella CORN joke you left on my space *lol* Ciao for now ~Jolie Mae~

  13. (¯`v´¯)¤ .`•.¸.•´ ¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯ *´¨)Passing some *´¨)*´¨)Friendship here!*´¨)~*~*From Majestic*~*~¸.·*)*¸.·´¨)*´¨)¸.·*¨)(¸.·(¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´*´¨)

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