North Korea and Proliferation

Well did you all hear that N. Korea has declared that they will continue to develop nuclear weapons/power unless the United States builds light water reactors for them? In their earlier agreement they just wanted aid in exchange for giving up its nuclear ambitions. I was thinking to myself when I heard the news and was like "what the hell kind of negotiation move is this?". Redefining terms in the middle of a negotiation is one thing but to force agreement through a agressive posture can only make the other party irritated.
The N. Koreas are now playing games with all the countries involved in the talks. To me they are saying "were going to build it anyways so lets extort the other big powers so we can try and be in the same league", militarily, economically, and have the same global influence. Using might a country can not gain the power in which they so seek. The United became to be its size through economical and decomocratic factors not an agressive military dictatorship.
Currently the North’s economy is the toliet, there are food shortages along power and little access to public works systems. Their neighbor S. Korea has been using a democratic/capitalistic approach and now look at them. They have one of the highest per capita incomes, living standards and technology breadth on the planet. At this rate N. Korea will continue its backwards momentum and make increasingly more difficult to get out of their economic sink hole.
The times are going to be hard with the N. Koreans since it is in our interest for them not to have the technology. Even if we give it to them they will still used the knew knowledge for less that ideal purposes. They are not responsible enough to have that sort of technology.
So what do we do? Well, we are in a pickle. There is no choice but to continue the talks because I don’t see any other choice because they will test the bombs. Then a bunch of new problems arise that I won’t get into in this piece. I am at loss of ideas how to approach this problem.

14 thoughts on “North Korea and Proliferation

  1. hmmm…. it is kinda tricky this whole negotiation thing… alot of power struggle, alot of greed and bad stuff. i havent any advise to give, save that you shld take time off when you are able to, remember to breathe! afterall tmr is another day 🙂

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  3. I\’m BAAAACK! Thanks for visiting again. I FINALLY updated my blog. Great points about North Korea. You\’re right, we are in a tough place. I get frustrated listening to the news sometimes. Talk to you soon!-Sandy

  4. Wanted to come by and thank you for your comments and support on the little fiasco that was happening at my place yesterday. Please come back and read the Thank You entry I did today for everyone.Thanks for being a friend. I will be back again after I go to all that supported me to visit…· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-¸.·´ .·´¨¨))((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:–:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* ~ Bekke ~ -:¦:-

  5. Well, they renonce to a previledge of nuclear technologie developpement, wich should not normally be restricted. But we all live on the same planet, and nuclear too much a danger so need to restrict it, cause bad people everywhere, but I agree that they renounce to the right of a prometting technology.So compensation should be big.

  6. WOOT! Uh huh, but I have yet to find the right url to get the music playing, but I refuse to give up! Lol, THANK YOU so much for helping! :o) And I like the new look to your page, it\’s looking a little like Colorado Avalanche colors, lol.

  7. Hi Tobby,Well I agree with you, I doN,t want then to continue,in my opinion any nuclear waepon should be bannish and nuclear technology concealed into a internationnal association of scientist, not any country in specific. So Peace leader, checked back by each country and orther organisation to make sure it\’s well used.But restric the reseach of one country is like bad when the asker still continue to research it… SO need compensation on technologies discovered by the help of theses concept of nuclear science.

  8. Toby, I\’m sorry you\’re tired! I would be too. I have been making myself get up early to try and prepair for switching to day shift. But I probably was getting up when you were getting to work. I don\’t work today if you want to chat. Go to bed early!! And get some sleep. 😉 I hope your day is going well, hurry up and finish your inventory so that you don\’t have to deal with all that boring stuff! 🙂 heehee Chat with you later,Amy

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