What’s that you say?

Blogging for fun? What’s that? It seems like I have been so busy these past few days working more on BARE’s real estate directory I haven’t had time to buzz around and bug people. Please forgive my absence. It is late now and i just finished going through 29 emails. Having a full time job, Starbucks Accountant, and running BARE’s marketing campaigns is starting to take a toll but soon that will all change.
November 1st I start full time for BARE and I get to be office manager instead of just marketing manager. I am totally excited and now I will be able to apply my passion for business strategy. With any luck and Gods good graces the company won’t founder under my leadership. Only time will tell but am totally stoked!!
Well I am off to bed, I have to be up 6 hours to get ready for work. Take care all and enjoy the shit out of your week!
Until the next time we chat this is Toby signing off…

8 thoughts on “What’s that you say?

  1. Toby,Sorry we didn\’t get to talk last night. We\’ve both been busy it seems. I know you\’ve been doing overtime with all your work but it will pay off in the end! I\’m so excited for you to start your new job. It will be an awesome adventure and I know you\’ll do great at it! I hope your day is going well. Talk to you soon.Amy

  2. T: Sorry about that rule, I forgot I have a few "single guy" readers. I can always edit my post, and make an exception for your age group. lol

  3. Good LUCK!I just started in commerical real estate, and although I\’m just a Marketing Assistant now, I plan on becoming a broker in two years…I didn\’t have direction until I found this job and it\’s a good feeling…I\’m sure God will grace you and things will be fine…GO HAWKS…(I don\’t really mean that, but I have no animosity towards them).

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