Good afternoon everyone is blogger land. I would like to let everyone know that i have created a Real Estate Only Blog , Snohomish County’s Real Estate Blog. It has been created for BARE’s website and its sole purpose is to be informative about our local region. When I start my full time position with I use part of my day to let people know what is happening and my thoughts on them, well that is the purpose of a blog 😛 Feel free to stop by but i must ask to you keep your comments to real estate specific. I will do my best answer questions and give an well rounded take on the current real estate market. My time is going to be spend developing that blog right now but i will update and visit the friends i have made here as often as i can.
Take care all and May your futures be so bright you have to wear shades.
Your friend in Time, Toby

5 thoughts on “Update!!

  1. Hi Toby =)Thanx so much for the get well msg!!! Unfortunately I feel worse 😦 Hopefully it doesnt last too much longer. Good luck with your new blog thingy!! Hope all is well.~jml~

  2. You seem to already be stretched so thin, where are you going to find the time for eveything you do, and keep up with the Seahawks? LOL!Good luck with your real estate blog!

  3. Sorry I haven\’t stopped by lately, I\’ve been in St Louis at a friend\’s wedding without a computer all last week. I just noticed your "stomping grounds". Wow, what a small world this is! I used to spend all my free time up in that area before I moved away. When I think of home, I think of all the time I spent there. Have you been to the hot springs that are supposed to be up there? I\’ve looked with no luckand I\’ve asked some people in Skykomish who\’ve said they\’re very hard to get there because of all the mud.Congrats on your upcoming opportunity to completely screw up a company! 😉 Hehe, just kidding. Seriously though, I can tell you\’re going to do great just by looking at what you have to say and this site. Look out world…someone let Toby out! 😉

  4. I\’m definitely oging to check it out this weekend. I\’m home alone! AHHH! I don\’t like it at all….noises I tell you, but since I\’ll be here with not much going on, I\’ll have plenty of time to blog about.Have a good Friday!

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