Here’s to Friday

Well my night is getting close to starting. I am going to Mary-town to meet up with the boys! I haven’t seen my close friends in three months or so which is pretty sad. We are going to go gambling at Club Broadway and have some drinks and after that who knows.
Something I have to share is my Hurricane Katrina Essay I wrote prior, during and post regarding the current events is ranked #1 on Google. I am so proud of that and what is funny is that is wasn’t my intention. It gets daily traffic from multiple search engines. My others get some traffic but near the quantity.
It is my hopes that I can duplicate something similiar to my new Real Estate Blog. Though it will take some time and a lot of attention when it comes to web marketing but I think are some successes to be had with it. If anyone hasn’t noticed yet, I do celebrate my successes and it my belief that everyone should.
Why do anything if you can’t be proud of it? If something is worth getting excited about isn’t it worth sharing? I don’t mean bragging but sharing, two different things because you have to be able to celebrate others successes as well. So celebrate, Loudly and Proudly you may be surprised who takes notice.
"Know one will tell others about your successes" Donald Trump. People want to hear that your doing well and that you are enjoying and taking pride in what you are achieving. I do it. I have found that people what to hear what i am doing now and then when they need something or need a professional opinion they call me.
That is something special in my book. Be a dreamer, Dream Big, Positive and Share those dreams and it will blow your mind when they start coming true.
So here is to you <cheers> Make it happen for yourself becuase no one else will. Take care my friends and have a spectacular weekend!!

6 thoughts on “Here’s to Friday

  1. Hey there, just stopping by to say hi. I hope you had some fun last night. Something\’s telling me that you did! Especially if you went and hung out back home with the boys. 😉 I\’m just chilling out this weekend and studying for the "big move" so give me a ring if you want to chat. I\’ hope you\’re weekend is going awesome so far!Amy

  2. If you have something worth tooting about, I say toot away. More people need confidence like yours, and I don\’t mean pigheadedness either (which you don\’t seem to have.) I think our country would have a lot less problems if we encouraged empowerment and pride, instead of facillitating weakness. We need to support peoples\’ strengths, encourage people to have pride in themselves and what they do, I think a lot more people would be happier on the job and happier in life if we did. \’Maybe our country wouldn\’t have the weight problems it has, or the poor kids who commit suicide because the other kids in school are just as insecure as they are but they choose to take it out on somebody else. It is too bad that for some people it takes a long time to realize that they should be proud of themselves and what they do, even the worst people have some good somewhere in their lives.Nonetheless, I like to see people who are motivated in body, mind and spirit. It is quite refreshing to see that you have all of this going on and you have an opinion about things that matter! I will continue to read your blog, and I am going to read your essay about Katrina, I read the first part and I am intrigued! Sorry for the long message, when people inspire ideas in my head I have to get them down. Have a great weekend up there in the beautiful state of Washington … I am so jealous, I would love to live there!

  3. I concur… completely! Yes, I\’ve been known to toot my own horn, and that\’s ok. Because I\’m good enough, I\’m smart enough, and dad gummit people like me.Seems like someone else said that once before?Anyway, I hope you\’re enjoying the weekend. I sure am.~Brenda.

  4. Just going around and peeking at some of my favorite sites to see what is going on and to say hi! Hope everything is going well. I\’ve fallen behind with my friends. Sorry! Happy Sunday!~Hugs~..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-¸.·´ .·´¨¨))((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:–:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* ~ -:¦:-

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