I’m Alive…

This weekend was fun. I met up with the boys and we ended up having a few beverages until early the next day. It was fun to catch up with them. It has been a few months since we all kicked it. So after licking our wounds until 4pm on Saturday we headed up the La Hacienda for some Mexican food and Margaritas!! The fun just kept going. There was so much clowing going on and it brought back alot of memories of good times. On coming weekend we are going to El Gouchos in Seattle for Jake’s B-day and go-kart racing!!
After a few margaritas we had our food but once that was over it was more margaritas acompanied by a shot of tequila. Wahooo, it has been a while for one of those but it tasted pretty good. Now we are all buzzed up about 5:30pm. I ended up coming shorty after but with reluctance. I wanted to stay Saturday as well and get all hammered again with the guys. It did feel good though to get home, have dinner and get a good nights rest.
Now it is Sunday and I get to write. Well this day started out good until my Seahawks lost to the Washington Redskins. We have never been a great road team so i shouldn’t be to surprise but I wanted to go 3-1 instead of being the 2-2 we are now. Oh well, there is always next 🙂 Go Hawks!! My chores are done. Hitting the gym, cleaning, going through my work emails, cooking dinner and sitting on my ass sums up my day 🙂 I am enjoying the sitting on my ass part right now.
Now that it is raining and GATHERING F%$#ING SNOW in the mountains, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, it needs to be nice next weekend so I can get some good pics of Marysville  and Everett so I can build some city pages on BARE’s website. Another success Alert!! Our web traffic has gone from 640 hits per month in September 2004 too 10,180 hits last month, September 2005. To me that is 10,180 reasons to try harder!! I have talked to a few real estate agents from various parts of the United States and their sites do 20k per month on average. That is some serious traffic for a real estate website. But since it is BARE’s main advertising channel it makes to continue to grow our presence and branding presence online. The blog has been worked on for a bit but I just want it in place so when i start full-time. I haven’t submitted it to any pinging sites or directories. I will do it when i am updating daily.
Well I am off to stalk around and say hello to friends. I will leave it with this quote: "Live long and Prosper".

10 thoughts on “I’m Alive…

  1. Sounds like an exciting weekend! I\’m so jealous that you get to experience the snow a lot sooner than us down here in Texas. For those who haven\’t been here to Dallas, yes, it snows here about once a year although it stays very cold and dry during the winter months.Sounds like you\’re doing an awesome job with BARE and getting the traffic you need to be successful. Keep up the good work!

  2. hi baby so sorry the seahawks lost…i picked them to win in my fanpool. The Steelers had a bye week…so they did good..hehe! take care hun…see you later~ Boobie

  3. Your weekend was so much better then mine….I was bored into a coma by Sunday! Snow, I can\’t wait for snow. We can\’t get out of the 90\’s here…I hate it. I\’m ready for cooler/cold temps.Have a wonderful Monday!Melissa

  4. Sounds like you had a good time this weekend! I spent most of my time outside fixing my car, and geocaching and hiking. Packers play tonight, sorry about your Hawks, I hope the Packers do not suffer the same fate … we haven\’t won a game yet! I can\’t have them ruin my night … 🙂 Well, I am glad to see you had a fun weekend with friends. Mine will be this coming weekend, and then a week with the fam visiting from Chicago. So much to do, so little time! I will keep reading, and I plan to post today so keep in touch!

  5. We of course didn\’t get to watch the game. I read the writeup on ESPN.com today. It looks like the defense was just on the field all day and got tired and made some errors. Well as you say there is always next week, and Seattle is still tied for first in the division.Now that the Mariner pain is over. I\’m rooting for the Angels to beat the Damnyankees.L8r bud

  6. It was a tough loss against the Redskins in OT. That is my biggest complaint about NFL OT…sudden death …just doesn\’t seem fair. But, I\’m not a rule maker…Anyway, I didn\’t catch the game, but I watched the press conference on the NFL network and Mike Holmgren said he still felt that they played well, with some missteps here and there. He said next week would be different and I agree…After all, the Texans are 0-4…let\’s hope this road game ends in success.I didn\’t have any woes about my weekend, thank goodness! Peyton played biggie style and Harrison made it for 100 touchdown passes…absolutely incredible game…fun to watch! Go blue!

  7. Hi Toby! How are you? Sounds like you had a good weekend. Thanx for your comments!!! I am feeling better now. I even got to go out on saturday and I had an amazing time!!! Take Care ~jml~

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