Seperation of Church & State: Good Idea?

There is a debate going on right now on what should be taught in our public school’s science classes; evolution, intellegent design or divine intervention. My position is evolution. I believe in science and the truth is going to be found through research.
Now why the topic of church and state? Because if the proponents of intellegent design win their aurgument in the Supreme then religion can be taught in the classroom. Some may say that it would help bring up the morals of American society and that evolution will get an even bigger voice. Fat chance! And this is where my argument begins.
Western culture is one of the first, if not the first, culture to ever seperate church and state. Most of the world’s governments still have religious influence. This combination is not as healthy as it may first appear. When the West made its decesion to venture down this new path they embarked on something which directly resulted in their economic success. When church and state are mixed we see factions develop with their own political agenda.
Church and State should not be intertwined because of the negative results of this highley charged topic. Civilizations, countries, how ever you want to describe it has shown that the two don’t mingle without conflict. "With one religion you have terrene and with multiple religion you have peace", Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters (USA, Ret.), I might have the quote wrong and I apologize.
The United States of American is a young country with a new idea and in a very short period of time has climbed to the top in economical and technilogical advancements. Why? Well the seperation allowed people to stop worrying about others and start focusing on themselves.
My fear is if creative design is allowed to be taught in the public school system then we have the possibility to regressing into the old ways of thinking and its the main reason why our founders sought out this new land. Now, do we want to flee back into the old the ways and srew up our great system?
If you would like to get involved and save our Consitution please visit the Campaign to Defend the Consitution.
Also here are two recent articles published:

Don’t let others tell you want to think no matter who the proponets are!


7 thoughts on “Seperation of Church & State: Good Idea?

  1. I think you are absolutely right! I am an evolution girl too … and I am not very religious, so this intelligent design thing is something that I absolutely do not believe in, and I don\’t think it should be tought in school, much less become a part of the way the government is run. Why can\’t we learn from other countries who have yet to separate church and state? It is pretty obvious that religious topics are very heated, and so are political topics, and putting the two together is just a chemical reaction I DO NOT want to see.The concept of intelligent design already has a venue, the church. Religion has its venue, and it is the church. I do not have a problem with allowing students to pray at school, or having students take an elective class to learn about intelligent design, but I do not think that intelligent design should be integrated into the curriculum. I also do not think that religion should be integrated into our political or legal systems.You\’re so smart, and you have given me my blog topic for the next time I write! Thanks, and I hope you have a good one. I would be willing to bet that most students would agree that intelligent design does not belong in their science classes. Intelligent design could be in a theory class, even a scientific theory class I guess if they wanted, but not in a general science class. Have a good one!

  2. T:I see you want us to submit our winter pics. Would you like pictures of my swimming pool and palm trees later this year? lolThere are some topics that I will avoid when making new laws, one of them is religion. I just dont want the hate comments on my site.KT

  3. I\’m in agreement with what you\’re saying about religion and schools. Evolution is a theory which science may or may not prove but I think there are numerous valuable lessons people can learn just but people learning about it. I\’m all for science because it helps us understand the building blocks of life.Religion, honestly I don\’t have much to say other than I think they should leave the Pledge of Alligence the way it is in schools and if people feel like they want to opt out on participating in it, they should have that right..after all we are Americans. As for teaching religion in schools, I think that is people want to learn about a religion, they can go to church, don\’t force it on people by making it part of a manditory curriculum if it\’s not within their field of study. Being a mother and having the right to raise my daughter the way I feel best, I\’d have some serious issues if, when I send her to school, her school forced religion on her. We are all giving the freedom of choice in this country and we should be allowed to exercise that right.Ok, so I guess I had a lot more to say than I thought. I hope all is well up there, Toby!

  4. Hmmm I\’m not sure I want to start about my feelings on this issue. I might go on all night. Bottom line to me is…I think we are changing way too much stuff around and stuff that we have no business changing. I think prayer should be allowed in school, I think One Nation Under God should remain part of the pledge and I think Winter break needs to go back to being called Christmas break , cause thats what it is. I will stop now cause this topic really gets me angry, and I came by to give you smooches LOLSoSmooooochesHope you are having a great day!Crystal

  5. Very thought provoking. I would like to see a religions of the world class available as an elective for high school kids. There are so many misconceptions out there.I don\’t believe in evolution. I feel there are some threads of science behind it, but it still doesn\’t change that there had to be some starting point and how did that happen? Just prior to his death, even Darwin admitted huge loopholes in his theory. It\’s actually been found pretty unscientific at this point. But it does have some scientific principles.. I feel if this is taught, then why can\’t divine design be taught? Both are theories… both have scientific principles (trying to remember the scientific book title on the divine design thing, but it has great research from ATHEIST scientists), why not? I say both or none

  6. hey there Tobz! Yes i know have been busy and so sorry bout that so hope to keep in contact with you please be patient with me since things has been outa control lately but hope that we can chat sometime.Keren Maclean

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