I’m calling a Time-Out!!

First thing, THANKS FOR ALL THE HUGS THAT WERE LAID OUT ON ME. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside. YEA BUDDY!!
Public Service Annoucement:
Where does the time go? The days keep going while more to do keeps coming. Stop the Madness I say but will they listen, I’m afraid not. It is a good thing though because thINGS are looking good in the near future.
I just finished cleaning up the apartment and have the laundry going so it now my time. My time set aside just for me to do what ever I want. Writing is a hobby that only recently I started to enjoy. Through college it was my weakest point. Having a thought but unable to say on paper what i could say out my mouth. Face-to-face conversations or presentations come more natural and I really enjoy it.
It some ways you are entertaining. You can’t bore the people whom you are talking but you also can’t be a clown that doesn’t know what they are doing. I started my site in May 05 and its envolution pleases me. I now have a record of my travels since then and only once did I write in a journal, hell…it was a diary. In 10th grade we had to keep one in english class but it was all about my personal life at that time. My dreams, hopes, high school problems, my identity but being young what else do have to say.
Now things have changed. My thoughts are what surprise me the most and sometimes I don’t know how I thought it up. Saying that, I also never had a completely orginal thought. In some way shape or form that idea has been pondered. In my opinion, orginal thoughts come with age and with any luck I just might live long enough to have one.
Another thing I do that never thought I would when I was in high school, reading. So far I think I like series 🙂 I have read the Harry Potter series over 5 times and still have the books, Lord of the Rings, once and have the set, The Complete Collection of Sherlock Homes and right now reading the Valley of Fear story. Going from the first to last is my goal. It has taken me 9 months to get to where I am at now.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did a fabulous job but I will admit that at times that can be to repetitive and long. Though for the most part pretty darn good. Ok I have fess up on one of my obessions. Call me a geek I really don’t care.
"I am a pofound hobbiest of Lord of the Rings". I have studied the characters, their cultures and applied my theory but anyways I think they are pretty bad ass!! I remember being 13 or so and going to Junior Olympics in Florida. We went to medial times, history was my secret hobby 😛 , and I got to see the Knights. It just blew my mind so then studied civilization through out the world. GO HISTORY.
Ahhh I am getting tired and must work on BARE’s site for a bit and then grab din and hit the sack.

5 thoughts on “I’m calling a Time-Out!!

  1. Hi! I\’m adding you to the writers list and thanx for your contribution =) Is there a picture of you I can take from your space to add to the album? As well can you please link the site to yours?? It would be appreciated! Thanx again and ciao for now ~jml~

  2. You\’re right…nothing is original even the wisest of people will say that (because someone already told them that!) :)Anyway, your evolution has been great, I\’m sure…and it\’s a good thing you took up writing because you have a lot of readers.Good luck to the Hawks this weekend! 🙂 I am VERY excited about the Colts game. As long as you don\’t mention it on my site, I got Erich tix to the game as a surprise and have coered him into meeting me after work downtown to "go to dinner" but really we are "tailgating our asses off" and "going to the game." 🙂 WOO HOO!Go BLUE!

  3. Hello sexy.. I have not been here in like OMG 4 ever oh please forgive me..KissesBabyGirlhttp://spaces.msn.com/members/babygirlscyris/(¯`*•._.•.:°•Baby_Girl•°.:.•._.•*´¯) ~@~Love is a fire that reigns in the heart~@~

  4. As soon as I get some winter pics and find a reliable way to upload them I will send u some. My situation is that I don\’t have internet at the house. I am working to remedy that situation. I went to the library to upload some pics but the machine won\’t let me, neither will the machine at work. I have been uploading pics at work, but I just changed jobs and the new job has an anti cyber loafing filter.Mean time the Hawks have built a 2 game lead by dumping a 55 gallon drum of whopass on the Texans. Go Hawks!!

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