How do accept something you don’t feel worthy of?

Recently I have met and talked with people, which has been nothing less than perfect, and have been told something which i thought about been never taken to seriously.
The other night I had a great conversation with a Vietnam Vet about the United State of America’s global interest and its future. I am 27 and was born no where close to the civil movements that were happening in that time but he told me something that I can’t comprehend.
He told me, "if you run for president I will vote for you". How do take a compliment so out of my league? I was dumb founded. I am strong on my views, I study history and analysis past eras, stay on top of of Real-Time events and put together formulas for future success. But being told you should go into politics and implement your strategies is off the charts.
I am totally confused. Why me? Why not someone else? I cant do it but I havent tried. What could it hurt?
Holly Molly, what is my destiny? Is there something more guiding my fate towards a unimaginable future?
Time is the only thing that can answer these questions and i look forward to the time ahead. It is wild to think about you know?
Until the next time…this is Toby signing off…

17 thoughts on “How do accept something you don’t feel worthy of?

  1. It is wild to think about!! I often wonder what my future will hold…happiness hopefully. I dont see your collection of self portraits :S *LOL* Oh and BTW Toby you go into the comment hall of fame for the last one you left me! HaHaHa! It was a goodie though, quite intruiging.TC ~jml~

  2. Hi toby!!How are you?Sorry buddy for not dropping for late….actually I was trying to open your space for past many days but when ever I clicked on comment my computer hanged……:(….strange but true…..Even now I am commenting from my friends PCI am really missing you a lot Take care~Mayank

  3. Hello Toby.How are you? I didn\’t feel well last month because I didn\’t like my life at that time. Many bad things came to me at the same time…Now I feel better. I think I still have to accept things that I don\’t feel worthy of. C\’est la vie. hehe… Keep smiling and things that I don\’t like may become those I can accept. Every coin has two sides. All the best.

  4. Hi sweetie….Go SEAHAWKS…you guys had a great game, but then who didnt when they played the Texans..HAHAHA!!!! My steelers lost in overtime yesterday…and did I ever mention I hate Tommy Maddox……hehe! Have a great day hun..Oh and Im in North Carolina….i ment to email you already but its been an eventful weekend! Have a wonderful Monday and much love to ya!!! ~~Boobie~~

  5. THanks for stopping by my site while I was away sick. I hope to never feel that way again! I\’m better now and ready to get back to bloggin. HUgs, Melissa

  6. You can do whatever you want in life as long as you have the drive and ambition. Which from reading your blog I can tell you do. You have knowledge of things others don’t because you desire to learn. Some people just don’t care. I have a lot of respect for the opinions of our veterans. I think he saw something in you that told him that would be a good path for you and maybe our country. Never say never, right? You have at least 8 years to plan for it since you aren’t able to run till you are 35. Good luck!

  7. Toby, I need help. I know you\’re into business and everything political so, I was wondering if you would please provide me with your view. My exfiance and I broke up earlier this year. He is now in a relationship with the girl he was chesting on me with-who happened to be a friend of mine. There, of course was a lot of drama. I have moved on, although the hurt is still there. A month goes by again and again after all is quiet and I begin hearing new rumors and harrassing comments being posted on my website and others. I make no mention of it and never reply b/c that would only feed the fire. I am doing nothing to them. Why can they not leave it alone? How do I make it stop? Your advice would be greatly appreciated!~Stef

  8. ———-{@}*{@}———– ——-{@}*{@}*{@}——– —-{@}*{@}*{@}*{@}—- —–\\ {@}*{@}*{@}/——- ——- \\ \\ \\ l / / //———— ———\\\\ \\ Y / //———— ———–\\\\ l / //————- ————\\\\Y// ————– ———— >=< ————- Hello !!

  9. Hi Toby! Wow, that would blow me away too and I was growing up during that era. But you know, sometimes strangers see things we can\’t. Like you said, time will tell. And maybe that is your destiny and it just hasn\’t revealed itself to you yet.Hope things are going ok for you otherwise though. Come visit when you can.~Hugs~

  10. Hey the family was in town so I didn\’t have much time to read my blogs. That is a great compliment you received! It sure seems like you might have the know-how to do it if you really wanted! I am glad to hear things are going well for you, and when winter comes down here I will submit and winter pic. I will be back to read all of the blogs I missed when I am in a better state of mind (I am still sad, my family just left not too long ago.) 😦

  11. President Tobby :)maybe I don\’t really know you, and can do wrost than the actual maybe…Well President is more a star power thing, no need big brain for solutions and historical things, helps, but…Well More as a specialist adviser of the president may be cool! Bye

  12. hey toby you are a strong person and you are very smart, really i am now wondering did i meet the future president? Good luck in what ever road you take you will make the right choice. oh yeah waz up from chris see ya later.

  13. I just stumbled across your blog and I love this entry. Just because you don\’t feel worthy doesn\’t mean that you\’re not. Many times people see things in us that we\’re not able to see for ourselves. Whether its insecurities or just the belief that we can\’t do it…things hold us back. From reading your entries, you seem like an incredibly intelligent man. Set your sights high, who knows, maybe someday you will be sitting in the White House. :)Ang

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