Toby’s 5 Day Workout

Actually Published on October 22, 2005, 1:00am
Toby’s 4-5 day workout to reduce that shack you got going over your tool. If your guts in the way a girl won’t bob on your knob. With this work out you will be having girls wanting to feel you when your out in the club.
Give it three weeks and you will notice an major increase in strength and definition. While working out maintain a healthy balance between carbs, protien, dairy and veggies. Forget the power shake, carb laxetive and the protein paste. You don’t need them. For most people all day is make you retain water and feel all bloated. Also, the work depends on using technique over weight.
With proper technique or aviod of injury and you gain controll. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be Mr Universe. Stay all natural and work on control and form and you will be golden. All that matter is what you look like when the shirt comes off and who cares how much weight you lift in the gym.
Monday – Chest w/ Legs
  • Flat Bench ~ 3 sets, 12x10X6 reps while increasing weight, 30 sec rest between sets
  • Dumbell Flys ~ 3 sets, 10x8x6 reps while increasing weight, 30 sec rest between sets
  • Stairs, stairmaster, or walking 15mins, Maintain a above average heart rate
  • Cable Flys ~ 3 sets, 15x10x8 reps while increasing wieght, 1min 30sec rest between sets
  • Push Ups ~ 3 sets of as many as you can do
  • Abs ~ 3 sets of 60 reps

Tuesday – Back & Biceps

  • Sitting One Arm Dumble Curls ~ 3 sets, 10x10x5, 30 sec rest
  • Standing Barbel Curls ~ 3 sets, 10x8x6, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Lat Pull ~ 3 sets, 15x12x10, 2 min rest
  • Single Dumbel Row ~ 3 sets, 10x8x6, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Sitting Preacher Curl ~ 10x8x6, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Standing One Arm Dumbel Curls ~ 10x8x6, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Lower Back Extentions ~ No weight or very little, 3 sets of how many you can do
  • Sitting Row ~ 3 sets, 12x8x6, 30 sec rest

Wednesday – Triceps & Shoulders

  • Dumbel Military Press ~ 3 sets, 12x10x8, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Single Arm Front Shoulder Raises ~ 15x12x10, 30 sec rest
  • Skull Crushers ~ 15x12x10, 30 sec rest
  • Standing Tricep Extention ~ 12x8x6, 2 min rest
  • Single Arm Side Shoulder raises ~ 15x12x10, 30 sec rest
  • Barbel Military Press ~ 10x8x6, 3 min rest
  • Dips ~ 3 sets of as many as you can
  • Single Dumbel Tricep Extention ~ 10x8x6, 1 min rest

Thursday – Legs w/ Chest

  • Cardio ~ Select the Fat Burn mode, 20 minutes and follow the rate goals.
  • Lunges ~ 3 sets of 10 reps, using the same weight; don’t increase, 3 min rest
  • Flat Bench ~ 3 sets, 12x12x12, using the same weight; don’t increase, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Stairs ~ 10 min, alternate: every stair, every other stair, high stepping, you want to achieve "light feet" , you shouldn’t hear your feet slam onto the next step
  • Abs ~ 3 sets, Standard crunches, 10x10x10, 1 min rest
  • Abs ~ 3 sets, Right & Left Oblique crunches, 10x10x10

Friday ~ No lifting


Saturday ~ Training Day (One excercise for evey major muslce group)

  • Chest – Cable Flys ~ 3 sets, 12x12x12,  2 min rest
  • Biceps – Standing Single Arm Dumbel Curls ~ 3 sets, 10x8x6, 2 min rest
  • Back – Sitting Double Arm Row ~ 12x12x12,  2 min rest
  • Legs – Front Squats ~ 3 sets, 10x10x10, 3 min rest
  • Shoulders – Dumbel Military Press ~ 3 sets, 10x8x6, 2 min rest
  • Triceps ~ Dips ~ 3 sets of as many as you can do
  • Abs – Hanging Knee Ups ~ 3 sets of as many as you can do

Sunday ~ No Lifting

Sound Intense? It is but its worth it. You follow that and you will get some serious results. No need to use protein paste, carb laxetives or the roids.

Eat balanced and work out hard and as little as 3 weeks you be the walking gun show!! Drunk chicks will now dig you, the planets will align and harmony will reign.

iaghty, its late and i’m hittin the sack. I have to get my hairs cut tomorrow then to a buddies house to watch the Trojans vs. Huskies game!! Going to drink beer and eat pizza!! That is what I called balanced 🙂




23 thoughts on “Toby’s 5 Day Workout

  1. Let me just say I am not going to talk smack to you about the Hawks until we get to that game, but they are good…but we have much bigger games in front of us than that one and trust me, if we are undefeated by the time we get to Seattle…ya\’ll won\’t stand in Peyton\’s way (okay, that\’s all the shit talk I\’m going to give until closer to the game – like the week of – trust me, your team will get their day on my site – don\’t you worry – it will be dedicated to you, hottie!)Good luck with that working out and of course if you are running for President, I\’d THINK about voting for you :).Bee

  2. Yay! I found ya again! I have to tell ya… My site before is gone…??? I made this new one. Just thought I\’d come by and tell ya. =) See ya around.

  3. Hey! Thanks! =) Glad you came by again to my new site and honored to be added here too! ;)I wish I still had my GPK cards. Now I have to goto a place called ventage stock to get them. Those were fun cards! LOL And you were scared of the Germlins? They just always made me laugh and I would try to see what kind of personality you would get (from both films). Loved the flasher. LOL See ya.

  4. So where is this fabulous blog? Come on…we are here, worshipping you and you don\’t even feed us what we want…your thoughts! Anyway, have a good weekend!

  5. I think that the guys out there should listen to him! That is all I am going to say about that. 🙂 Oh yeah, and it is not a bad idea for you girls to hit the gym either … you don\’t have to be Mrs. Muscle, but having a nice toned body with some muscle certainly seems to work for me. 🙂

  6. Hi Toby!I have placed some images of India….Hope that you will like themanyway I must say that your workout is really impressiveTake Care~Mayank

  7. Hi ya sexy! NO its a great sunday!!!!!!! when im not drunk ill come back and read your blog…I so need a workout rourtine that i can handle. I have the pilaties machine and yes so i prob. spelled that wrong didnt you hear me Im drunk……lucky to be working the mouse correfctly. Any ways I been picking your hawks every week to win…ho9pe that helps you out! And STEELERS RULE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~Boobie~~

  8. Ok I seen the last play of the Seahawks game..Awesome! I was pulling for ya the whole time! It was a wonderful Sunday, hope your Monday finds you well! ~~Boobie~~

  9. Hey there :)Yes I am leaving ya a note. Loved the message the other day by the way. I\’m sorry I haven\’t been by more often. Work is kicking my butt, with studying, meetings etc. Nice workout regemine. I don\’t think I would have enough energy right now for it though 😉 You wouldn\’t want to come to MY gun show anyway. heehee I hope you\’re week is starting off well. Soon you wont be there anymore!! :)Amy

  10. Good Afternoon—I have read the opening to this entry several times now. It makes me laugh every time. Yeah…lol…lack of gut might help a guy out. Hope you are having a wonderful day—Jillian

  11. I\’m passing this on to my chubby bubby boyfriend…I love him, but come on! He weights TWICE as much as me…I want him to be healthy and he is a cutie…but you are a bit of a hottie and if it\’s a little workout that will help, a lot of working out is due :). All in all, I\’ll marry him either way, but healthy and fit is so much better! I feel so shallow! But, it\’s true! RIGHT??I\’m starting a striptease class tomorrow night…I think he can hit the gym too! 🙂

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